Advanced Spunlace lines for a growing market

AUTEFA Solutions offers complete production lines for the production of Spunlace nonwovens products, either in a direct or crosslapped configuration. The web forming process, consisting of the unique Injection Card and Crosslapper Topliner CL 4006 SL, is the key for high and consistent nonwoven fabric quality. With the Hydroentanglement Machine V-Jet FUTURA and the Square Drum Dryer SQ-V, AUTEFA Solutions has developed an advanced and unique technology with special focus on reducing energy consumption. During the process of hydroentangling, the carded fibers are bonded by means of jets with high pressurized water entangling the fibers with each other and consolidating the web.

  • Delivery speed up to 300 m/min 
  • Working widths: up to 3.6 m
  • Number of spunlace drums: 3
  • Number of entanglement injectors: up to 11
  • Raw material range: beside the classical CV, PET,LY  hardly any limitations, check with our specialists
  • Product structure: plain, perforated or structured
  •  Lower energy consumption (kWh/kg)  
  •  Highest productivity with Injection Card technology
  •  Best nonwoven fabric quality with Topliner CL4006CL
  •  EnRec Systems for heat recovery in drying process
  •  Full line solution out of one hand featuring clear responsibilities
  •  One - stop-shop for machines and spare parts
  •  Technology support from bale to fabric
  •  In house production scale labline for application support
  • Web product weight range 20 - 1000 gsm
  • Wipes for: hygiene, medical, institutional and industrial applications
  • Medical applications like surgical gowns, wound cover, etc.  
  • Geotextiles
  • Filtration
  • Single use houshold goods (bed sheeds, napkin, table cloth, etc.)
  • Interlinings
  • Wall covers
  • Artificial leather, vegan leather

Advanced Spunlace lines for sustainable products due to minimized energy consumption

With the V-Jet Futura and the Square Drum Dryer SQ-V AUTEFA Solutions is providing the Gamechanger in the spunlace field. After being particularly successful in supplying machines such as the Injection Card and the Crosslapper Topliner CL 4006 SL in spunlace systems in the past AUTEFA is now able to meet the increasing market demand for complete AUTEFA spunlace systems. The expanded machine portfolio with its V-Jet spunlace technology and Square Drum Dryer SQ-V is tailored to the special requirements of the products manufactured with this technology. Since hydroentanglement and drying are highly energy-intensive technologies energy savings was the focus in developing these new machines. First installations worldwide have shown energy savings up to 30%, improved product quality and higher production due to improved product characteristics. 


Typical raw materials like: 

  • Polyester, Viscose, Lyocell

But also most other fibers like:

  • Bico fibers
  • Bleached Cotton
  • Contonized flax or hemp
  • Aramides
  • Glas fibers
  • Stainless steel fibers
  • Pulp


Line Configurations

Direct Spunlace line for low web weights and highest line speed
Crosslapped spunlace line for medium web weigths
AUTEFA Solutions Spunlace Technology with V-Jet FUTURA

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Machinery and line components

In the Injection Card, the traditional mechanical carding principle, using workers and strippers, has been replaced by anaerodynamic concept. While its first tambour is equipped with stripper and worker rollers, the second tambour is exclusively designed for carding and therefore provided with workers only. In this highly innovative design, the fibers are injected against the following worker roller by the stream of air produced by the rotation of the main cylinder, and taken off the worker rollers by an aerodynamic effect generated by specifically shaped devices. This avoids considerable mechanical stress on the fibers, if compared to the traditional carding systems with stripper rollers. The carding action takes place at the tangent point of two convex surfaces and is very smooth. Moreover, the fiber path is completely on the inside of the card, thus reducing the negative effects caused by centrifugal forces. Combined with the patented EVO-2 and EVO-3 take-off systems, the Injection Card achieves very high production speeds with an excellent uniformity, even when working with fine fibers.

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The Layermaster Card is used as the second card in the line, after the crosslapper, and produces an excellent top web layer. The machine is equipped with a doffer and is specially designed for the highest quality.

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With the Topliner CL4006 SL AUTEFA Solutions offers a crosslapper with special features for the Spunlace application. Highest layering speeds and precise weight distribution are achived thanks to the integrated drafting unit, compensation belt, antistatic equipment and new designed transport aprons. 
These features are very important especially for light-weight applications in spunlace lines and ensures web laydown speed up to 200 m/min.

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The Web Drafter WD is installed after the speed compensation belt SC 123 of the Crosslapper. With up to 8 drafting trios, the unit  drafts the crosslapped web in material direction (MD), resulting in better tensile strength and elongation. When processing light-weight products, the Web Drafter increases the productivity of the line.

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AUTEFA Solutions offers two versions of the Hydroentanglement Machine V-Jet FUTURA. The V-Jet-FUTURA II is the base model with 2 suction drums and up to 5 injectors. The Hydroentanglement Machine V-Jet FUTURA III is the version for full flexibility with 3 suction drums and up to 8 entanglement injectors. 
Customers aiming for additional entangling, perforation and/or structuring are opting for the V-Jet FUTURA III execution. All core components like jetstrips or drum shells and also peripheral equipment, such as high-pressure pumps, suction system, filtration system etc. are provided by first class European OEM’s.

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AUTEFA Solutions developed and patented the V-Jet Injector. Compared to standard injector systems the V-Jet injector decreases the distance between nozzle and injector bottom from 15 mm - 25 mm now to 0.5 mm. Thus, energy losses by friction with air, air turbulences and jet expansion can be reduced to a minimum. The V- Jet Injector leads to significantly higher tensile strength at same entangling water pressure compared to standard injector. In this way the same tensile strength can be reached with lower water pressure. The possible reduction of water pressure can reach up to 20 % depending on the level of needed water pressure and process (plain, perforated, structured). Also, the water consumption is reduced when using the same nozzle diameter and pitch leading to additional saving potential using the V-Jet technology.

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The nozzle system in the Square Drum Dryer SQ-V distributes the airflow in terms of speed and temperature uniform throughout the whole working width, providing best spunlace web and surface quality results. The suction nozzle design ensures a 100 % surface vacuum behind the conveyor belt, while the blowing nozzle design ensures impingement air jet for high heat transfer and high evaporation performance. For a capacity of 2.5 tons water evaporation per hour, the Square Drum Dryer SQ-V is using 4 chambers where the temperature, airflow and humidity profile is individually adjustable and controlled. A constant measurement of the exhaust humidity controls the maximum circulation air humidity. The reproducible drying performance guarantees a production with constant quality and residual product moisture.

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Service and spare parts for machines and complete lines

Customer service for AUTEFA nonwoven machines and lines includes comprehensive support throughout the entire life cycle of the production systems, from installation, maintenance and optimization to modernization. Our service department can help with problems and offers special service packages, the supply of OEM spare parts and retrofit solutions.

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