AUTEFA Customer Classic Club

The name AUTEFA Solutions stands for companies with a long and successful tradition in the industry. Our group includes the former AUTEFA in Friedberg (Bavaria, Germany), Fehrer in Linz (Austria), FOR and OCTIR in Biella (Italy) and Strahm Hi-Tex in Switzerland. All have a long tradition and an impressive track record. Tradition is a commitment and a guarantee of quality, reliability and competence. Our machines and technologies are powerful and durable. In general, Nonwovens production lines are complex and diverse, and with good care and regular maintenance, machines and equipment have a very long service life.


AUTEFA Classic Club Membership

Do you have AUTEFA, Fehrer, FOR, OCTIR or Strahm machines that have been producing reliably and precisely for more than 20, 30 or 40 years? We are looking for needling machines, crosslappers, carding machines, airlay machines or ovens/dryers built before 2000, 1995 or even before 1980, with which you can benefit from the advantages of our AUTEFA Classic Club. We offer upgrades and retrofits tailored to your machine type as well as special services. We'll let you know when our specialists are on the road and in your area, so you can easily arrange a service appointment. As a regular customer, you will receive special price packages and interesting bonuses.

Sustainable customer relationship

We always provide our customers with high quality spare parts and services. Original spare parts improve the quality of the manufactured products and ensure the performance and longevity of the machines. We offer our customers special offers for spare parts packages and individual retrofit proposals. This ensures that our customers are always at the cutting edge of technology and can use their machines to their full potential. Our aim is to build long-term, sustainable customer relationships through excellent service and high-quality products.

AUTEFA Classic Club Contest 2023

On the occasion of ITMA 2023, we wanted to set an example and show our customers that we can support them in the sustainable modernisation of their plant technology.  With our AUTEFA Classic Club contest we asked our customers to send us a picture of an old AUTEFA, Fehrer, FOR, OCTIR or Strahm machine. We have now looked at all the photos sent in and are very pleased to have been able to award the four oldest machines (due to two identical old machines).


AUTEFA Solutions Classic Club Contest- Winner 2023

We are delighted that so many different companies have taken part in our competition. We have seen pictures of machines from FOR cards, Fehrer needle looms and AUTEFA crosslappers. The oldest was built in 1970. We have now looked through all the photos submitted and are very pleased to announce our prizes for the four oldest machines. The first, both second winners and the third winner will receive a parts/service voucher worth €3000, €2000 and €1000 respectively.  

And for everyone else, let us know what parts you need. Our service teams are here to help. 






Would you like to find out more about the benefits of the AUTEFA Classic Club?

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Please send us an email with the following information: company name, contact person, company URL, email address, phone number and type number of each machine.

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