Weight uniformity and strength - quality characteristics for papermaking felts

Lines for the production of papermaking felts

The production of papermaking felts is one of the most complex processes in the nonwovens industry. It combines the highest quality requirements with unusual demands on the fabric width and basis weight to be produced. Papermaking felts are used in the drying process during paper production and have a decisive influence on the surface quality of the final product. Papermaking felts must have excellent basis weight uniformity. In papermaking, paper quality is improved if the felts have high strength and run with low vibration on the paper machines. It is also important that the felts are produced in a virtually continuous process, as this is the only way to avoid indentations at the splices.

The design of plants for the production of papermaking felts requires special know-how; AUTEFA Solutions' plants are always planned and designed according to the customer's specifications. The many years of experience of the specialists and the continuous service and support make AUTEFA Solutions' customers successful.


  • Masterfelt Card working width 2,5 m
  • Crosslapper Topliner CL 4000 PF,  working width up to 17 m 
  • Needle Loom working width  1,2 m - 17 m 
  • Needle Loom Stylus NL16 and Stylus NL19
  • Max. continuous stroke frequency 1200 rpm
  • Vertical stroke 50 - 70 mm
  • Horizontal stroke  0 - 6 mm
  • Needle pattern up to 4000 needles/m
  • Crosslapper with WebMax for web profile control
  • Web profile control in MC/DC 
  • Recipe sequence control for optimized poduct changes: 70% less waste, more profit, enhanced sustainability 
  • Advanced technology for papermaking felt lines, service and support from a single source
  • High quality and reliability due to assembly and testing in Europe
  • Local service in Europe, USA and China by AUTEFA trained personnel
  • Ability for future modular software and hardware upgrades
  • Best total cost of ownership due to low operating costs and long service life

The basis for paper machine felts are fibers made of 100% polyamide PA. The fibers used must have both water absorption capacity and mechanical strength to meet the requirements of the felting process.

Fiber Opening and Blending

The selected fibers are first opened, cleaned and blended to obtain a homogeneous fiber blend. This step is crucial to ensure a uniform web structure. After gentle fiber preparation, the AUTEFA Solutions Masterfelt cards guarantee the highest fiber blending effects without stressing the individual fibers.

Breaker Card Masterfelt

The production of paper felt nonwovens requires specific characteristics, especially in the nonwoven cards. The special design of the Masterfelt breaker card guarantees very high web quality, together with absolute reliability due to the extremely robust structure and cast iron material. The cards are equipped with a dust extraction system that allows the fibers to be processed with a slight internal vacuum to keep the sides of the machine clean.

Intermediate crosslapper ECOLINER CL 3000

AUTEFA Solutions' paper felt lines include the Ecoliner CL 3000 intermediate crosslapper between the Masterfelt breaker card and the finisher card. A conveyor belt is integrated to connect and level the height between the Ecoliner delivery belt and the infeed of the second card. The intermediate crosslappers main function is to create a uniform batt to enhance the quality and long-term uniformity in the finished felt. Enhanced fiber blending is achieved in the accumulation of multiple carded layers in the batt presented to the finisher card Masterfelt. 

Finisher Card Masterfelt

The unique design of the Masterfelt card ensures the highest web quality and absolute reliability due to its extremely robust machine construction. The employment of a breast cylinder and two main cylinders with a high number of worker/turner groups combined with intermediate doffing to ensure optimal web quality and uniformity. The Masterfelt card is fed by the crosslapper Ecoliner with WebMax, which ensures uniform weight distribution of the carded web. Quality is monitored by online web profile measurement.

Crosslapper Topliner CL 4000 PF

The crosslapper is the central element of a paper felt line in terms of quality, uniformity, and productivity. AUTEFA Solutions crosslapper Topliner CL 4000 PF increases both web uniformity and throughput speed, thus eliminating any bottlenecks. The uniform web laydown in combination with the WebMax and the CLOSED LOOP system ensures consistently high quality. The Topliner CL 4000 PF is the finishing crosslapper specially designed for paper felt producers, which significantly increases production output thanks to the lapper principle with short web passage and patented layering belt guidance in the laydown area.


Profile controlled by WebMax – The Key to Product Quality

This layering process is optimized by the WebMax web profile control system and several measuring points throughout the line. This WEBMAX profiling is integrated into our 3-level Closed Loop Control System, which ensures that the fabric is uniformly profiled in both machine direction and cross direction. Profiling results in fewer edge-related problems and makes felt life more predictable and longer. 

Needle Looms for paper maker felts

Needling machines for the production of papermaking felts (PMF) are true giants among textile machines and hold several records: With an impressive working width of up to 15.8 meters and a breathtaking weight of over 800 tons, they are undoubtedly the kings of the industry.

Pre-Needle Loom Stylus Variliptic NL16

The Stylus Variliptic pre-needle loom for papermaker felts ensures maximum production efficiency after web forming. Preparing the highest quality web rolls is also key to producing the highest quality press felts. Utilising the patented Variliptic drive modules, the NL16 Variliptic provides an improved felt surface, higher production speeds, reduced draft and therefore less shrinkage and higher uniformity. The Stylus Variliptic pre-needle loom is available in working widths of up to 17 metres.

Finishing Needle Loom Stylus NL 19

The Stylus finishing Needle Looms mark the high-end of needlepunching technology. Working width, number and arrangement of needling zones, needle pattern, stroke frequency, feeding tables and the felt tensioning system are all tailored to customer`s needs. Fully automatic felt production according to recipes including exact stops for splicing and felt tension control is state of the art. AUTEFA Solutions rigid steel frame provides high-precision needling and minimum vibration levels even at a working width of 15,8 meters. It also provides a continuous stroke frequency of 1200 rpm.

Service and spare parts for machines and complete lines

AUTEFA Solutions lifecycle service includes comprehensive support throughout the entire lifecycle of our machines and production lines. This support ranges from installation, maintenance and optimization to modernization. 

Our dedicated service department is well equipped to deal with any problems that may arise during operation. We offer specialized service packages, OEM parts supply, and retrofit solutions to meet the evolving needs and challenges of your production systems. This commitment to full lifecycle support underscores our dedication to maximizing the efficiency, reliability and longevity of your AUTEFA Solutions equipment.


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