Crosslapping Technology

Weight accuracy in lapped and bonded webs is the most important quality feature for a nonwoven installation. AUTEFA Solutions crosslappers are characterized by high infeed speeds and precise weight distribution. Crosslappers take up the carded web coming from the carding machine with constant speed and gently bring it to the delivery belt. Since decades, AUTEFA Solutions delivers customers outstanding crosslapping technology.

Crosslapper Topliner

The crosslappers Topliner increase both web homogeneity and throughput speeds. The crosslappers of the Topliner series, combined with web profile control WebMax and the CLOSED LOOP system prevent the increased weight of the fabric in the edge areas, called the smile effect. This results in an excellent uniformity in the fabric and, thanks to a considerable saving of materials, a reduction in material costs. These features are very important especially for lightweight applications in spunlace lines or for heavy weight applications in carpet and geotextile lines. A new investment or replacement investment with the crosslapper Topliner always leads to a quality and production improvement.

Crosslapper UnilinerONE

With the Crosslapper UnilinerONE, AUTEFA Solutions supplies a reliable and economical high-performance machine, based on the successful Crosslapper Topliner series. During the design of UnilinerONE special attention was given to optimized infeed speeds of the carded web, layering precision, capacity, and reliability. For the speed range up to 80 m/min new standards are set with the attractive cost-to-performance ratio of UnilinerONE.

Web profile control WebMax

 AUTEFA Solutions WebMax produces a counterweight profile to avoid the smile effect. This is the key to product quality. WebMax ensures that the carded web weight is adjusted prior to batt forming to mirror the effects draft has on cross-width weight uniformity. This convex weight profile therefore compensates the weight changes due to material shrinkage and leads to the highest possible weight evenness in the final product.

Web Drafter

The Web Drafter WD will be installed between the crosslapper and the first needleloom. With up to 8 drafting trios, the Web Drafter drafts the crosslapped web in material direction (MD) and enables high infeed speeds as well as precise weight distributionThis results into a web optimization in regards of tensile strength and elongation. When processing lightweight products, the Web Drafter increases the web uniformity.


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