V-Jet Injector

AUTEFA Solutions developed and patented the V-Jet Injector. Compared to standard injector systems the V-Jet injector decreases the distance between nozzle and injector bottom from 15 mm - 25 mm now to 0.5 mm. Thus, energy losses by friction with air, air turbulences and jet expansion can be reduced to a minimum. The V- Jet Injector leads to significantly higher tensile strength at same entangling water pressure than the standard injector. This means that the same tensile strength can be reached with lower water pressure. The possible reduction of water pressure can reach up to 20 %. This depends on the level of needed water pressure and process (plain, perforated, structured). Also, the water consumption is reduced when using the same nozzle diameter and pitch. This leads to an additional saving potential using the V-Jet technology.

  • Up to 30 % lower energy consumption
  • Minimum distance from nozzle to fabric
  • Sturdy V-Jet-Strip design for longer lifetime
  • Retrofit of V- Jet Injectors in existing Spunlace machines at low investment cost and short ROI


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