Assessments for thermal systems

AUTEFA Solutions is specialized in the manufacture of single and double belt dryers and thermobonding ovens for all nonwoven processes. AUTEFA Solutions HiPerTherm ovens are parts of carding lines,  carding/crosslapping lines, Airlay lines, Wetlaid lines, Airlaid (pulp) and Spunlaid lines as well as lines for chemical bonding. Benefit from our expert knowledge and have your production processes optimize in our "Assessment for thermal systems".

Our technology for your success

By drawing on our competences, products, and services, we strengthen the competitiveness of our customers. Our team of experts provides you with advice on energy efficiency,  potential for production capacity increase, and product quality improvements. We draw up heating and energy concepts, identify potential savings in your ongoing production and, if necessary, point out worthwhile alternatives. Our common goal: to optimize your existing facilities and thus make your operations more resource-efficient and more profitable. As a result of our analysis, we will prepare an offer and a payback calculation.

Product quality improvement

According to customers needs, our experts measure and evaluate a wide range of parameters such as product evenness, tensile strength, and surface finishing. Therefore, the production process can be optimised and product quality sustainably improved. 

Production capacity increase

Our experts evaluate how to increase the production capacity for specific products in your product portfolio. We take a close look at the production line and work out proposals for upgrades and modifications to increase the production capacity.

Specific energy consumption reduction

Our experts evaluate measures for specific energy consumption reduction (kWh/ton production) for specific products of customers product portfolio.

Change of heating system

Changing the heating system or adding additional heating systems to an existing oven increases flexibility in the use of a wide variety of heating sources. This is an important competitive advantage nowadays.

Benefit from flexible, economical and more sustainable energy sources for steam or thermal oil boilers. We consider natural gas, wood chips, wood pellets, electricity, electricity from a photovoltaic system and combinations of the available sources in our proposals.

Heating sources

Depending on the availability and price structure of the various heating sources we recommend the change of existing heating systems.

  • natural gas for electrical heating
  • natural gas to steam or thermal oil heating
  • installation of double heating systems with gas and steam or other combinations within one oven
  • adding external heat recovery systems
  • adding of Solar collectors for fresh air heating
  • combining different energy sources or using residual energies from other production plants


Assessment procedures

Our assessment process includes 5 steps. Project definition and inspections of machines as well as the installation of sensors and test equipment on site, measurements during production and data analysis. You receive a final report and pre-engineering proposals.

Process steps

On the path to a climateneutral energy system

The manufacturer of high-quality nonwovens, Nitto Advanced Nonwoven Ascania, has established itself as a leading supplier of nonwovens for the fields of personal care, hygiene, medical products, and household applications.The key drivers have been innovation, quality, and sustainability. In the face of global challenges, the company is committed to deepening its environmental efforts and actively working towards a zero-emissions future. 

AUTEFA Solutions has been dealing with energy optimization in oven and dryer technology for a considerable period. Following a comprehensive evaluation and the preparation of a detailed assessment report by AUTEFA, significant energy saving potentials were projected for Nitto.

Read the full article published in TECHNICAL TEXTILES 5 | 2023  NONWOVENSTRENDS

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