Nonwovens Competence Center Linz

In the Nonwovens Competence Center in Linz, AUTEFA Solutions offers customers a wide variety of technologies for web forming and web bonding of nonwovens in industrial scale. A team of specialists develops technical and technological product optimization based on customer and market demands. The four production lines offer among others the following services:

  • Evaluation of fibers, fiber blends, wires, and needles
  • Recommendations for machine and line configurations
  • Performance and quality optimization
  • Production of samples for customers
  • Process developments for special applications
  • All trials are documented in detail by our quality control team, comprehensive trial reports will be provided
  • Individual training programs

Fiber preparation

AUTEFA Solutions Nonwovens Competence Center in Linz is equipped with complete lines from bale opening to winding. The flexible opening and blending line consist of bale openers with weighing pans for a variety of fiber types, different fine openers as well as a blending and storage box. This versatile setup caters to various product specifications and customers’ requirements.  

Needle punching line with card, crosslapper, webdrafter, needlelooms and winder

The advanced needlepunching line with WebMaster card FUTURA, Topliner crosslapper as well as needle punching machines Stylus Variliptic is available at AUTEFA Solutions Nonwovens Competence Center for product development and customer trials. Typical application fields are the production of artificial leather, filter products, automotive felts, geotextiles, floor coverings and many others. All kind of fibers including PP, PES, PA, PAN, PTF, CV and different kind of blends can be processed very flexible and with a fiber length of up to 120 mm. The line is featuring high web quality, high throughputs, easy operation and maintenance and is equipped with a camera system and a closed loop system for visual and permanent quality control.

Aerodynamic web forming (Airlay) with needleloom and thermobonding oven

In the residential construction and automotive market efficient thermal and acoustic nonwovens insulation materials are key factors that contribute to energy saving and to the reduced consumption of natural resources. Reclaimed fiber material can be used for such materials quite often. The aerodynamic web forming process with AUTEFA Solutions Airlay card K 12 stands for an improved MD:CD ratio and a three-dimensional web structure. During the process, the fiber material is opened up to the single fiber enabling a high versatility regarding fiber choice. Thus, offering an advantage particular in the processing of PET, glass, and all kinds of natural fibers. With the Airlay K 12 light weight and high voluminous nonwovens can be produced. The production line in Linz enables product developments for mechanical needled and or thermobonded Airlay webs. 

High-performance spunlace line with card, hydroentanglement, dryer and winder

The advanced AUTEFA Solutions spunlace line provides excellent opportunities for trials supporting customers in developing new advanced products. Consisting of Autefa fiber opening and blending, Injection Card, Hydroentanglement machine V- Jet FUTURA, Square Drum Dryer SQV and winder, the line provides evidence of the energetic advantage of 30% energy saving compared to other technologies available on the market. The V-Jet spunlace process is well adapted to entangling not just carded webs but also spunlaid, Spunbond, wetlaid and crosslapped/drafted batts as well as all sorts of textiles and porous sheet materials which can be unwound and fed into the V-Jet FUTURA for bonding or enhancement of other physical properties.

Carbon and composite fiber processing and recycling

Carbon and glass fibers, reinforced plastics as well as composites with natural fibers result in extremely light and stable construction components. For those AUTEFA Solutions offers a unique production line for customer trials- also small series production is possible. The line includes fiber opening followed by fiber processing with web forming machines with different requirements on fiber orientation, fiber opening and web weight. The final step is web bonding on a Stylus Variliptic needle loom. For the processing and recycling of carbon-, glass-, aramid- and natural fibers products  we offer product development for various applications together with our customers on-site in Linz.

Laboratory service

Specifically for the nonwoven industry, our laboratory service provides analysis of nonwoven end products using the latest procedures for analyzing fabrics. These use standard textile-physical test procedures under national and international standards, or in-house test procedures. We accompany you in the objective consideration of your products with the following range of laboratory services:

  • Determination of tensile strength and elongation according to ISO 9073-3
  • Determination of tear resistance according to ISO 9073-4
  • Determination of the compression elastic behaviour of fibrous webs and nonwovens according to DIN 54305
  • Determination of mass per unit area according to ISO 9073-1
  • Determination of thickness according to ISO 9073-2
  • Determination of liquid absorptive capacity and liquid wicking rate according to ISO 9073-6
  • Static puncture test (CBR test) according to ISO 12236



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