Carding technology

The card is the key machine in the drylaid process for manufacturing a quality web. Based on the proven F.O.R. carding technology, AUTEFA Solutions offers different carding models, each machine is designed for specific applications. A modular machine design allows various specifications based on functions and characteristics required of the finished product. All cards distinguish themselves by flexibility, high production speeds and process efficiency.

Card Web Master FUTURA

The Web Master FUTURA Card combines the proven quality of the well-established Web Master cards with relevant developments, focusing on functional aspects and maintenance. This premium machine has been specially developed and designed for high production speeds, tailored to the worldwide requirements of nonwoven lines. A unique construction enables easy accessibility to all the parts of the card: this feature guarantees considerably reduced cleaning and maintenance periods, together with much higher operating efficiency. The Web Master FUTURA, with double intermediate doffers, stands out for high web quality, high production, and gentle fiber treatment for highest carding and blending effects.

Injection Card

AUTEFA Solutions Injection card enables drylaid web forming at very high production rates. The Injection Card uses a unique combination of mechanical and aerodynamic principles for a gentle fiber treatment. This carding concept joins some benefits of the cotton card with the advantages of traditional cards with workers and strippers. On the main cylinder, the traditional mechanical principle using workers and strippers has been replaced by an aerodynamic principle. The fibers are taken off the worker rollers by an aerodynamic effect generated by specifically shaped devices, that replace the traditional strippers. This avoids considerable mechanical stress on the fibers which results in less fiber shortening and less nep formation. The Injection Card delivers a quality web at the highest productions with a better MD/CD.     


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