AUTEFA Solutions offers complete production lines for the production of Spunlace nonwovens products, either in a direct or crosslapped configuration. The web forming process, consisting of the unique Injection Card and Crosslapper Topliner CL 4006 SL, is the key for high and consistent nonwoven fabric quality. With the Hydroentanglement Machine V-Jet FUTURA and the Square Drum Dryer SQ-V,  AUTEFA Solutions has developed an advanced and unique technology with special focus on reducing energy consumption. During the process of hydroentangling, the carded fibers are bonded by means of jets with high pressurized water entangling the fibers with each other and consolidating the web.


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Hydroentanglement V-Jet FUTURA

AUTEFA Solutions offers two versions of the Hydroentanglement Machine V-Jet FUTURA. The V-Jet-FUTURA II is the base model with 2 suction drums and up to 5 injectors. The Hydroentanglement Machine V-Jet FUTURA III is the version for full flexibility with 3 suction drums and up to 8 entanglement injectors. Customers aiming for additional entangling, perforation and/or structuring are opting for the V-Jet FUTURA III execution. All core components like jetstrips or drum shells and also peripheral equipment, such as high-pressure pumps, suction system, filtration system etc. is provided by first class European OEM’s.

  • Up to 30% lower energy consumption due to minimum distance from nozzle to fabric thanks to the unique V-Jet-design
  • Broad market coverage with water pressure of up to 300 bar and 300 m/min delivery speed
  • Uniform pre-wetting of unbonded web with integrated pre-wetting injector
  • Up to 8 injectors for highest entanglement efficiency
  • Up to 3 suction drums for entanglement, perforation and/or structuring
  • Fast and easy exchange of belts and drum-shells thanks to the cantilevered design
  • Efficient dewatering on exit belt
  • User friendly external police filter system
  • Safety hatches for exchange of V-Jet-strips during normal machine operation


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