Lines for aerodynamic web forming

AUTEFA Solutions Airlay random card K 12, in combination with Stylus Needle Loom or HiPerTherm Oven, meet all customer requirements for maximum productivity and constant high quality. Suitable for all kinds of bonding processes such as thermal-, chemical- or needle-bonding.

Airlay line solutions distinguish itself through maximum product quality, economical production and reliability. With worldwide over 500 systems sold, customers taking advantage of the long-standing experience in carding and card feeding technology of F.O.R. and the worldwide acknowledged know-how in aerodynamic web forming of Fehrer K 12.

The FUTURA design enables easy opening and quick access for cleaning and maintenance. The various line components are mounted on a linear guiding system. Due to the modular structure of the individual components, it allows a modular configuration of the machine, tailored to customer requirements. Completed with Needle Punching Machines Stylus and Thermobonding Oven HiPerTherm, AUTEFA Solutions provides aerodynamic web forming lines out of one hand.

  • Working widths 1200 – 4200 mm
  • High production capacity
  • Intensive fiber opening
  • Total random 3D web structure and isotropic strength values
  • Increased resilience of the web
  • The "high-loft" device offers random webs of up to 80 % greater volume
  • Suitable for all kinds of bonding processes such as thermal-, chemical- or needle-bonding
  • High flexibility with modular structure of the individual components mounted on a linear guiding system
  • Electrical and recipe controlled adjustment of deflection tube for homogenous fiber blendings
  • Easy opening for fast cleaning and efficient maintenance
  • Filter materials
  • Automotive felts
  • Automotive substrates
  • Insulation materials for thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Interlinings
  • Mattress felts
  • Medical and hygiene products
  • Blankets (needled)
  • Industrial wipes
  • Waddings for upholstery and garments
  • Web product weight range 80 – 9000 g/m²

The aerodynamic principle

The aerodynamic web forming process with AUTEFA Solutions random card Airlay K 12 stands for an improved MD:CD ratio and a three-dimensional web structure. During the process, the fiber material is opened up to the single fiber, this enables a high versatility regarding fiber choice. Aerodynamic web forming machines from AUTEFA Solutions utilize the aerodynamic principle which results in three-dimensional fiber orientation and total randomization, enabling isotropic web properties. Suitable for all kinds of bonding processes such as thermal-, chemical- or needle-bonding the fabric goods offers a wide variety of applications. The process offers the special advantages when it comes to lighter weights and high loft fabrics.


Sustainability is a huge topic, worldwide. With the increasing environmental awareness, the demand for renewable textiles is forthcoming. Customers using replacement fibers like recycled PET fibres, carbon fibers, reclaimed fibers as well as various natural fibers such as hemp or coconut.  Airlay cards with increased opening capabilities distinguish itself to process for a wide variety of different fibers.

  • All kind of man-made fibers
  • Natural fibers (cotton, flax, hemp, sisal, jute etc.)
  • Reclaimed textile waste and shoddy
  • Carbon fibers
  • Glass fibers
  • Fiber properties: 1.7 – 200 dtex; up to 100 mm staple length

Line Configurations

Glass fiber mats
Automotive "substrates" and noise insulation felts
Waddings / home furnishing and thermal insulation
High-quality Airlay application
Economic Airlay application
Autefa Solutions Aerodynamic Web Forming Airlay FUTURA

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Machinery and line components

AUTEFA Solutions Random Card Airlay K12 with the web forming machine V21/R is one of the success stories in the field of aerodynamic web forming. Fed by either a Chute Feeder or alternatively a Hopper Feeder, the Random Card K12 is well suited for a wide range of nonwoven products. Customers chose this proven assembly for a wide range of products or standardized production processes. This aerodynamic web forming line enables fiber opening and randomization in a two-step process. The pre-web forming machine V21/R creates a uniform fiber batt. The following Airlay Random Card K12 provides opening to individual fibers and forms the three-dimensional fiber orientation typical for the aerodynamic process. The FUTURA design enables easy opening and quick access for cleaning and maintenance. The delivery, carding and infeed components are mounted on a linear guiding system.

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The High-Loft device can be added to any Airlay K 12 in order to increase the degree of vertical fiber orientation. With the High-Loft device, AUTEFA Solutions offers a system which enables the production of webs of higher volume. The Airlay Card K12 with the High-Loft device is able to process a wide variety of fiber types and blends. The system is suitable for both thermal and spray bonding.

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The compact and economic solution for the processing of natural fibers such as coir, sisal, jute, hemp and cotton as well as animal hair and textile waste is the Aerodynamic Web Forming Machine FUTURA V12/R. Fed by a Hopper Feeder the FUTURA V12/R is capable of producing webs in the weight range of 400 – 7000 gms using a minimal amount of space. Especially for the production of materials from recycled textile waste and shoddy or natural fibers the aerodynamic web forming machine FUTURA V12/R is the key to provide reliable technology at reasonable investment costs. The FUTURA V12/R design enables easy opening and quick access for cleaning and maintenance. The delivery, carding and infeed components are mounted on a linear guiding system.

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AUTEFA Solutions Stylus NL needlelooms are highly versatile and offer medium needle densities for pre-needling and ensure enhanced performance through increased penetration density for finish-needling. All single, double and four board needlelooms are based on a highly rigid welded steel frame in the proven and well-established Fehrer quality. The machines are suitable for all types of natural, synthetic, and recycled fiber batts and are in operation all over the world to create first class needlepunched nonwovens. Combined with one of the well proven and tested Fehrer feeding systems the Needlelooms Stylus NL are the perfect pre-needling solution wherever light or heavy pre-needling with or without elliptical needling is required.  

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AUTEFA Solutions Thermobonding oven HiPerTherm distinguishes itself by an approved accuracy airflow system with high production speeds. Used as single or double belt oven the AUTEFA HiPerTherm Thermobonding oven with its double nozzle system is still the machine of choice when it comes to thermally bonding materials from airlay lines and card-crosslapping lines using almost any kind of fiber as well as lines for manufacturing hygiene products such as ADL or top-sheets. The double nozzle system ensures a uniform product treatment. The key strengths of the AUTEFA Solutions belt dryers are highest uniform airflow, the precisely adjustable temperature distribution and the ability to maintain loft.

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Service and spare parts for machines and complete lines

AUTEFA Solutions lifecycle service includes comprehensive support throughout the entire lifecycle of our machines and production lines. This support ranges from installation, maintenance and optimization to modernization. 

Our dedicated service department is well equipped to deal with any problems that may arise during operation. We offer specialized service packages, OEM parts supply, and retrofit solutions to meet the evolving needs and challenges of your production systems. This commitment to full lifecycle support underscores our dedication to maximizing the efficiency, reliability and longevity of your AUTEFA Solutions equipment.


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