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AUTEFA Solutions is a leading solution provider for turn-key nonwovens lines and machines for carded- crosslapped needlepunching lines, aerodynamic web forming lines, spunlace lines and thermobonding lines. The mayor nonwovens industry trends of high productivity paired with low maintenance costs and high flexibility for various nonwovens products increase the demand for top quality machines from AUTEFA Solutions. All process steps base on well-known and worldwide approved technologies. The main characteristic of AUTEFA Solutions production lines is the outstanding flexibility, which enables the nonwovens producers the manufacturing of a wide variety of products and truly unique fabrics.

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Service and spare parts for machines and complete lines

AUTEFA Solutions lifecycle service includes comprehensive support throughout the entire lifecycle of our machines and production lines. This support ranges from installation, maintenance and optimization to modernization. 

Our dedicated service department is well equipped to deal with any problems that may arise during operation. We offer specialized service packages, OEM parts supply, and retrofit solutions to meet the evolving needs and challenges of your production systems. This commitment to full lifecycle support underscores our dedication to maximizing the efficiency, reliability and longevity of your AUTEFA Solutions equipment.

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