Square Drum Dryer SQ-V

The proven nozzle system in the Square Drum Dryer SQ-V distributes the airflow in terms of speed and temperature uniform throughout the entire and also wide working widths, providing best spunlace web and surface quality results. The suction nozzle design enables to get a 100 % even surface vacuum behind the conveyor belt, while the blowing nozzles ensure an even air supply to the product. For high heat transfer and high evaporation performance especially for wider working width, this combination of blowing and suction nozzles is mandatory. For a capacity of 2.5 tons water evaporation per hour, the Square Drum Dryer SQ-V is using 4 chambers where the temperature, airflow and humidity is individually adjustable and controlled. A constant measurement of the exhaust humidity controls the maximum circulation air humidity. The reproducible drying performance guarantees a production with constant quality and residual product moisture with minimal space requirements.

  • Considerable lower thermal energy consumption with EnRec Systems
  • Excellent quality with unique nozzle design
  • High drying length for minimal space requirements
  • 1 to 6 active drying levels
  • Up to 450 m/min delivery speed and with special measures also higher


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