HiPerTherm Oven

AUTEFA Solutions HiPerTherm double belt oven system comprises of a modular design, adaptable to all drying and thermobonding needs. In the standard version the machine is equipped with the Bernoulli nozzle, a drawer nozzle system made for hardest process environments with raw materials reaching from almost dust to longest fibers. Optionally, a wide range of other nozzle systems are available. For example, the Compress nozzle system with incorporated calander rolls for high density products.  For products with very low air permeability the Reflex nozzle system ensures a high performance even for production with almost air impermeable properties. Since the entire nozzle boxes are executed as drawer system, the nozzle systems can also be changed later without a high demand of installation time.

AUTEFA Solutions HiPerTherm double belt oven i characterized through a double frame construction, high density insulation, magnetic operator doors and an intelligent built-in energy recovery system along with state-of-the-art control systems. The machine recommends itself for all processes for high throughput rates, perfect bonding uniformity as well as optimized calibration achieved through a perfect mechanical structure combined with utmost airflow and temperature uniformity.

  • Sturdy nozzle execution
  • Variable airflow direction
  • Variable pressure drop adjustment allows production of high volume and high density products
  • Magnetic belt holding system for top belt
  • Deflection compensated process zone ensure even product thickness calibration for working width up to 7m
  • Optional belt cleaning systems (brushes, high pressure water cleaning)
  • Gas, electrical, thermooil or steam heated
  • Low energy consumption
Materials and Quality:
  • All kind of man-made fibers
  • Natural fibers (cotton, flax, hemp, sisal, jute etc.)
  • Reclaimed textile waste and shoddy or cellulose or foams
  • Carbon fibers
  • Glass fibers
  • Weight range 15 gsm and in Airlay lines 80 gsm bis 7000 gsm
  • Fiber properties: 1.7 – 200 dtex; up to 100 mm staple length


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