Thermobonding and Drying

AUTEFA Solutions specializes in the production of single and double belt dryers and thermobonding ovens for all nonwovens processes. The key strength of the AUTEFA Solutions HiPerTherm belt dryers, uniform airflow, and temperature distribution, ensures the creation of high loft batts. The HiPerTherm belt dryers create high loft batts of minimal achievable density of 3-4 kg/m³ and high-density felts of up to 150-200 kg/m³. For certain fibers even higher densities are possible.

AUTEFA Solutions circulation air ovens are made to thermo-bond, heat set and dry nonwovens.As a thermobonding oven, it allows processing of natural, recycling materials, glass and other mineral fibers to synthetic fibers. As a binder, one can use bi-component or polypropylene fibers but thermoplastic or duroplastic binder powders can be used as well. Heat setting needle punched nonwovens is another field of application. AUTEFA Solutions HiPerTherm ovens work in line with carding lines, carding and crosslapped lines, airlay, wetlaid and airlaid (pulp) lines.

The heavy-duty execution as well as the advanced nozzle system of AUTEFA Solutions thermobonding ovens enabling applications which are normally out of range compared with of common systems.

Optimized energy efficiency translates to cost savings with AUTEFA Solutions thermobonding and drying ovens for industries that may use other systems today. 

HiPerTherm Oven

AUTEFA Solutions Thermobonding oven HiPerTherm distinguishes itself by an approved accuracy airflow system with high production speeds. Used as single or double belt oven the AUTEFA HiPerTherm Thermobonding oven with its double nozzle system is still the machine of choice when it comes to thermally bonding materials from airlay lines and card-crosslapping lines using almost any kind of fiber as well as lines for manufacturing hygiene products such as ADL or top-sheets. The double nozzle system ensures a uniform product treatment. The key strengths of the AUTEFA Solutions belt dryers are highest uniform airflow, the precisely adjustable temperature distribution and the ability to maintain loft.  

Square Drum Dryer SQ-V

AUTEFA Solutions Square Drum Dryer SQ-V combines the advantage of a horizontal belt dryer and the corresponding  better drying efficiency with the advantage of the reduced space requirement of a drum dryer.

Today using a drum dryer is common for drying spunlace nonwovens. A drum dryer has only one drying zone, as a consequence the same drying conditions are used for the wet and nearly dry product. Thus, drying cannot be done at the thermo-dynamic optimum. AUTEFA Solutions belt dryer is operated with air trough nozzles systems with controlled air flows on blowing and suction side of the product. The belt dryer can be divided into different heating zones and therefore each dying step can be operated with optimal drying conditions. The disadvantage of the belt dryer is the larger footprint, which typically prevents the use of a belt dryer in spunlace applications. To integrate the best of both worlds in one system, AUTEFA Solutions spunlace lines are equipped with the Square Drum Dryer SQ-V which stands for increased drying length on a small footprint.   


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