Needle Punching Technology- Needle Looms

Needle punching machines, or needle looms, are essential in the production of nonwovens. Nonwovens are mechanically bonded by needling. The needles punch vertically into and out of the material, interlocking the fibers by using the barbs on the needles. The felt is driven through the needle zone by the drive of the feed rollers. 

The product range of AUTEFA Solutions includes single and double board needlelooms, tandem needlelooms, velour, structuring and patterning needlelooms based on the Needleloom Stylus NL drive concept series and the Needleloom Stylus VARILIPTIC drive concept. Needlelooms from AUTEFA Solutions combine Fehrer's know-how and many years of experience with the latest technology and offer optimum solutions for every kind of needling requirement, as single machines or integrated in complete lines.

Needleloom Stylus NL

AUTEFA Solutions Stylus NL needlelooms are highly versatile and offer medium needle densities for pre-needling and ensure enhanced performance through increased penetration density for finish-needling. All single, double and four board needlelooms are based on a highly rigid welded steel frame in the proven and well-established Fehrer quality. The machines are suitable for all types of natural, synthetic, and recycled fiber batts and are in operation all over the world to create first class needlepunched nonwovens. Combined with one of the well proven and tested Fehrer feeding systems the Needlelooms Stylus NL are the perfect needling solution wherever light or heavy needling with or without elliptical needling is required.       

Needleloom Stylus VARILIPTIC

The design of the Needle Loom Stylus is tailored to customers’ requirements in terms of working width, maximum machine load and machine speeds achievable. A pneumatic needle board clamping is fitted as standard, with the added option of integrating a quick-exchange system for stripper and bed plate. The Needle Loom Stylus can work with conventional needling zone arrangements, with one or two boards from top (downstroke) or bottom (upstroke), one from top and one from bottom or two from top and two from bottom, or even in a tandem arrangement. The whole series uses exactly the same parts. Spare parts can therefore be used without any problems in all Stylus needle loom configurations and not as many needs to be kept in stock. The slim design of the Needle Loom Stylus allows existing nonwoven installations to be upgraded with Variliptic drive technology.


Needleloom Stylus ONE

Needlelooms from AUTEFA Solutions combine Fehrer’s know-how and long-time experience with the latest state-of the-art technology. AUTEFA Solutions offers the optimum solution for any kind of needling requirement, as single loom or integrated in complete lines. The Needleloom Fehrer StylusONE covers market needs for a reliable and economic machine, suitable for all needling applications up to 1.800 gms. With a performance of max. 1.200 strokes/min the Needleloom StylusONE distinguishes itself through productivity, guaranteed longevity, and maintenance free gear boxes. Each machine is 100 % pre-tested which allows a fast start-up.         

Needle Loom Stylus NL 21/SRV

The NL 21/SRV is a state-of-the-art, high-speed machine specifically designed to produce random velour with unparalleled precision. Its advanced features ensure optimum performance and outstanding results. With a closed drive system, this machine provides excellent dust protection and noise reduction, maintaining a clean and quiet working environment. Its high rigidity makes it well suited for heavy-duty operations, ensuring stability and reliability throughout the production process.

The NL 21/SRV also offers significant cost-saving advantages with extended service intervals of several thousand hours, reducing maintenance requirements and maximizing efficiency. For those in need of ribbed velour production, the NL 21/SRV offers a specialized needle pattern to meet specific requirements. Whether you're looking for high-quality output or increased production efficiency, the NL 21/SRV is the ideal choice for superior random velour production.

i-POINT Simulation tool for needle board pattern

An improved and even surface quality has been set as key target by our customers. Therefore, AUTEFA Solutions offers the service of a customized needle board pattern. The i-Point needling simulation tool increases the capacity and the quality of needlepunched fabrics. The development of new needle patterns and the evaluation of surface quality is much more effective and economic with the i- Point software technology. It creates a layout of stripper and bed plate including the elliptic needling (Variliptic). This customized design of needle pattern, which takes also draft and shrinkage into consideration, reduces the process optimization time on customer site. AUTEFA Solutions needlepunch lines produce an even and homogenous fabric with outstanding technical performance in terms of tensile strength and evenness (MD/CD ratio).  

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