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AUTEFA Solutions Nonwovens Technology is a key supplier for carded-crosslapped needlepunch lines, aerodynamic web forming technology, thermobonding lines and spunlace lines. As a global market leader in the field of fully automatic bale packing systems for staple fiber and tow, offering the complete range from fiber transport to the baler, bale transport and storage of pressed, wrapped and strapped bales in bale warehouses. AUTEFA Solutions manufactures OCTIR woollen carding sets for processing fine and extra fine wool, cashmere and silk, for high quality weaving and knitting yarns.

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Innovative Fiber Recycling Solutions for Sustainable Textile Circularity

As sustainability becomes an increasingly important consideration in the fashion industry, we are witnessing a significant increase in the demand for textile circularity, with consumers and companies alike seeking solutions to recycle fast fashion; in response to this trend, AUTEFA Solutions offers a range of innovative solutions designed to process and reuse various types of fibers, including reclaimed, natural, and man-made materials. Our Airlay V 12/R aerodynamic web forming machine in combination with Stylus Needle Loom or HiPerTherm Oven meets all customer requirements for maximum productivity and consistent high quality. 

Re-needling of needleboards- simple, safe and efficient

Re-needling of needleboards in needlepunch nonwovens production must be easy, safe and efficient to avoid long downtimes and to extend the life of the needleboards. AUTEFA Solutions offers the Needle Exchanger to meet these challenges. This machine replaces the physically tiring and risky manual process of inserting, changing and removing needles with an automated process that eliminates the risk of operator injury and minimizes the risk of needleboard damage.The machine is efficient and equipped with a customized software system to ensure reproducibility and safety during each needle change. 

Nonwoven needling lines with reliable quality and reduced operating costs

AUTEFA Solutions' turnkey nonwoven needlepunching production lines are designed to meet specific customer needs and offer exceptional performance, reliability and quality. Needle punching has a wide range of applications and is known for its ease of operation, low energy consumption, reproducible product quality and reduced operating costs. A broad raw material base, including natural fibers, makes needle punching an attractive choice in the face of rising man-made fiber prices.

Wetlaid - Spunlace technology- for sustainable and cost-effective nonwoven

The cooperation between AUTEFA Solutions and PAMA Paper Machinery offers the best of two worlds - the nonwovens world based on fiber-based web forming, consolidation and drying technology combined with the Wetlaid technology commonly used in the paper industry. Wetlaid - Spunlace is the technology of choice to produce sustainable and cost-effective nonwovens from 100% cellulosic raw material such as cellulose pulp, viscose or Lyocell fibers. With the enormous challenge of rising raw material and energy costs, producing sustainable products with energy saving and innovative Wetlaid/Spunlace technology is the answer.

Fiber balers- High performance in fiber production

At AUTEFA Solutions, we pride ourselves on being your all-in-one partner for fiber production solutions. Our product range is designed to take your production process from start to finish, including fiber transport, baling press, bale transport, and storage in our specialized bale warehouses. Our bale handling solutions go above and beyond, with additional features such as strapping, automated labeling, and sorting to ensure your fiber production process is as efficient as possible. We also offer options for weighing, stacking, and storage as a block or rack system, so you can choose the solution that best fits your needs.

Excellent carding results for processing wool, alpaca and cashmere

AUTEFA Solutions manufactures OCTIR wool carding sets for processing fine and extra fine wool, cashmere and silk for high quality weaving and knitting yarns. Our product range includes carding sets for processing standard wool and synthetic fibers for carpet and blanket yarns as well as worsted cards for processing wool, mohair, angora, cashmere, synthetic fibers and silk for high quality weaving and knitting yarns. Semi-worsted cards for processing wool and synthetic fibers for carpet yarns complete the product range of our Woollen/Worsted/Semi-Worsted Technology Business Unit. 

More service- more value

Our machines are characterized by advanced technology, quality and cost-effectiveness. Benefit from our expertise and optimize your production processes with our upgrades and retrofit solutions. A team of experts will advise you on energy efficiency, potential for increased production capacity and product quality improvements. 

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AUTEFA Classic Club Contest

On the occasion of ITMA 2023, we want to set an example and show our customers that we want to support them in the sustainable modernization of their plant technology. If you take part in our AUTEFA Classic Club contest, send us a picture of an old AUTEFA, Fehrer, FOR, OCTIR or Strahm machine. We will look at all the photos submitted and then award prizes to the three oldest machines.

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