V-Jet FUTURA Spunlace technology joins PAMA paper machinery Wetlaid technology

The cooperation between AUTEFA Solutions and PAMA Paper Machinery offers the best of two worlds - the nonwovens world with fiber-based web forming, bonding and drying technology and the Wetlaid technology long known in the paper industry. Wetlaid - Spunlace is the technology of choice when it comes to sustainable and cost-effective nonwovens made from 100% cellulosic raw materials such as pulp, viscose or lyocell. With the challenge of rising energy costs and higher costs for raw materials and other production resources, Wetlaid - Spunlace products produced on energy efficient and reliable machine technology are the answer. The cooperation between AUTEFA Solution, offering new and energy saving Spunlace technology, and PAMA Paper Machinery, expert in Wetlaid technology for special applications in paper, is a perfect match. This enables our customers to produce sustainable products at competitive costs.

Biodegradable fibers and pulp for sustainable production

In the production of nonwovens on Wetlaid/ Spunlace lines, biodegradable fibers and pulp are preferred to reduce the environmental footprint. Another sustainable measure is to replace conventional viscose fibers with pulp in various blends. The addition of longer fibers improves the mechanical properties of the product. AUTEFA Solutions' Wetlaid/ Spunlace technology also makes it possible to increase the thickness and improve the feel of the product.

Special Advantages

  • Energy is optimized thru V-Jet technology
  • Energy is optimized thru V-Slot technology
  • Energy is optimized thru SQ-V Thru-Air drying technology
  • Wetlaid machine configurations adapted to the needs of the nonwoven industry
  • Production lines tailored to the specific needs of the customer

Special Features

  • Wide range of products like CP, CP+, WLS
  • Suitable for a wide variety of fiber and pulp types, staple length
  • Wide range of area weights, density and product thickness
  • Production up to 20.000 t/year (depending on raw material and final product)
  • Typical products are wipes for babies or body, flushable wipes etc.
  • Lowest raw material cost

Line Configurations

Wetlaid/ Spunlace line CP
Wetlaid/ Spunlace line WLS

Service and spare parts for machines and complete lines

AUTEFA Solutions lifecycle service includes comprehensive support throughout the entire lifecycle of our machines and production lines. This support ranges from installation, maintenance and optimization to modernization. 

Our dedicated service department is well equipped to deal with any problems that may arise during operation. We offer specialized service packages, OEM parts supply, and retrofit solutions to meet the evolving needs and challenges of your production systems. This commitment to full lifecycle support underscores our dedication to maximizing the efficiency, reliability and longevity of your AUTEFA Solutions equipment.


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