AUTEFA Solutions Group

Behind the name AUTEFA Solutions are companies that have a long tradition and many successful years on the market. These include the companies AUTEFA in Friedberg (Bavaria, Germany), Fehrer in Linz, Austria, FOR and OCTIR in Biella, Italy and Strahm Hi-Tex in Switzerland. The individual companies AUTEFA Solutions Germany, AUTEFA Solutions Austria, AUTEFA Solutions Italy and AUTEFA Solutions North America were founded in 2011. These were followed by AUTEFA Solutions Switzerland and AUTEFA Solutions Wuxi. 



Since 2011 AUTEFA Solutions is part of China Hi Tech Group Cooperation (CHTC). The future of AUTEFA Solutions is focused on growth and the expansion of its worldwide production sites. AUTEFA Solutions owner and shareholder CHTC is providing the investment support which allows a constant expansion of the company. The Management is committed to sustainable and long-term corporate development and make AUTEFA Solutions a reliable partner for customers, employees and suppliers.

See picture, from left to right:
André Imhof, COO
Yanwu Liu, CEO
Marco Fano, CMO
Christian Egger, CFO

Company locations

Friedberg, Germany

Linz, Austria

Biella, Italy

Frauenfeld, Switzerland

Wuxi, China

Fort Mill, USA