The failure of a single machine can lead to a complete stoppage of a production line. In the event of system malfunctions and downtimes, the specialists required to support the operating personnel for fault analysis and troubleshooting are often not available. Service contracts from AUTEFA Solutions provide fast and effective support whenever you need it. Our service contracts help to improve cost efficiency for boosting maintenance, optimization and modernization, minimizing downtime while extending the lifecycle of your system. A service contract with AUTEFA Solutions will enhance your operating efficiencies. Service contracts from AUTEFA Solutions consist of a range of modules and are individually tailored to the system to be maintained. All costs can therefore be planned and all services are immediately available when required.

24/7 Hotline support

You will receive our hotline support phone number and can call us 24 hours a day, seven days a week if you have any problems. We are always contactable by your employees and offer service, support and assistance to our customers for all problems affecting our machines and systems. Our service employees are specialists and technicians with many years of professional experience and are extremely familar with solving production problems caused by issues with mechanics or electronics. With a single call you always receive rapid assistance and downtime of your equipment is effectively minimized.

Annual inspection visit

Qualified service personnel inspect your machines and lines, ensuring the safety, availability and value of your investment. Within the scope of our service contract, all machines are checked in accordance with our checklists. If functional and safety-related components show any abnormalities, you will be informed immediately and we will offer you the recommended spare parts.To ensure that you do not miss any inspection, the AUTEFA Solutions service team wiill contact you 6-8 weeks before the due inspection date.

Please contact us

AUTEFA Solutions Germany GmbH
Paul-Lenz-Strasse 1
86316 Friedberg . Germany
T: +49 821 2608 0

For your inquiry or more information please contact us. To ensure that we can quickly offer the right service please always inform us about the machine number and machines type. These details will greatly facilitate our support process and enable us to assist you more effectively.

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