Fully Automatic Mixing Systems

The AUTEFA Solutions Mixing Systems are developed for companies which produce products sort by sort and deliver it mixed. The Mixing Systems mix different flavours within a package, e.g. drink cartons/bottles in trays or mixes packages (crates, cartons, shrinkpacks) with different flavours on a pallet. The system is designed modular and can be delivered as Turn-Key installation from depalletizing, unpacking, mixing, packing to palletizing. For smaller throughputs single functions can be done manually or semi-automatically as well. A variety of grippers handle different products such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, cans, or drink cartons for unpacking/packing as well as the AUTEFA Solutions vacuum layer gripper head “Vacugrip” for depalletizing.

The repacking process is working according to pre-selected mixing patterns. The tracking of product data to customers ERP system can be included as well as the machine data recording. Secondary packaging such as trays are reused.

  • Compact system with well-known modules
  • Modular design according to level of automation
  • Packing/Unpacking of round, oval or square bottle, cans, cartons
  • Packing/Unpacking in plastic crate, carton or trays
  • Mixing of carton/shrinkpacks on a pallet