Plastic Container Industry

For producers of plastic containers AUTEFA Solutions offers several solutions for the container handling. Based on the application AUTEFA Solutions installs turn-key systems from the blow moulder to intralogistics systems for finished pallets. From central palletizers to combine several slower lines up to high-speed palletizers AUTEFA Solutions offers an appropriate solution.

For “inhouse” or “through-the-wall” producers AUTEFA Solutions offers its revolutionary buffer system IBSS to increase the line efficiency significantly by balancing production and filling requirements. The patented concept of AUTEFA Solutions offers new possibilities regarding product design and production flexibility.

Due to the long experience in the plastic container industry AUTEFA Solutions engineers the handling and conveying of complex and fragile products. Various types of grippers have been developed for different types of bottle shapes and necks. The handling and conveying of complex bottles will be tested and developed at the test loop at the AUTEFA Solutions headquarters to ensure smooth commissioning.

Food and Dairy Industry

AUTEFA Solutions develops intralogistics solutions for complex requirements in the field of “food & dairy”.

From single machines to complex interconnected installations AUTEFA Solutions offers customized solutions for the automation of the production process for shrinkpacks, cartons, trays, plastic containers, bags, cans, barrels etc. Proven software visualizes the material flow during the entire process. Machine function and process data are clearly displayed at any time so the operator can intervene in case of irregularities.

To offer mixed packs to consumers AUTEFA Solutions developed mixing systems for different applications in a modular design from semi- to fully automatic.

Beverage Industry

AUTEFA Solutions provides the complete dry section for filling plants (beer, wine, juice, etc.) from raw material supply to fully automatic high bay storage systems with integrated transfer of goods to the dispatch area.

According to the requirements, high-performance machines having several axes are used for depalletizing, packing, palletizing or stacking. Fully automatic adjustable gripper heads and infeeds streamline the process, amongst others by considerably reduced changeover times. A wide range of special applications have been developed to handle customer specific requirements or space restricted installations.

Consumer Goods

AUTEFA Solutions delivers solutions for all kind of consumer goods such as home care, personal care, chemical or pharmaceutical products, lubricants, automotive oils etc.

Those highly valuable goods often come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes which need reliable handling with a minimum of change overs. Based on the specific requirements of each type of production facility AUTEFA Solutions offers modular machines to solve all kind of handling and intralogistics problems from product collection out of production machines to the commissioning in the dispatch area. 


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