Plastic Bottle Palletizer

For external container producers AUTEFA Solutions developed specialized empty plastic container palletizers.
Due to our long-lasting experience, solutions for gripping and palletizing of almost any possible bottle and plastic container shapes are available.

The AUTEFA Solutions Palletizing System is built from several standard components and could be adapted easily to the customer’s needs. Palletizers for small, medium and high speed lines are available. The bottle supply can be handled from air conveyors as well as from table top conveyors. A centring frame ensures that the bottles are held safely from all sides during the palletizing process and fallen bottles are avoided. AUTEFA Solutions supplies complete systems from the blow moulding to the warehouse.

  • For round, oval and rectangular containers
  • Block or nested pattern
  • Fully automatic change over (option)
  • Flat interlayers, trays or upside-down trays
  • Handling of empty pallets, interlayers and top frames from dunnage pallets
  • Tracking of all relevant production parameters in a Database (optional)
AUTEFA Solutions Palletizing System For Plastic Bottles

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