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Featuring new glass bottle slide gates for a constant flow of bottles

The glass depalletizer CERTANT R from AUTEFA Solutions is used to sweep off product layer by layer. At the depalletizing position, the top layer is gripped and pushed onto a height compensation plate. This lowers to the correct conveyor height and the product is pushed onto the discharge conveyor. Subsequently, packaging materials such as intermediate layers and lids are placed on stacks provided for this purpose. 

For more information please read the complete information, published at BBII, Edition 4/2022 Download here

From the pallet to the conveyor belt - Sweep-off depalletizers ensure constant bottle flow

For new glass bottles, the journey through the filling line usually begins at the depalletizer or new bottle gate. The output of the new glass bottle depalletizer must be matched to the output of the filler in order to ensure a constant supply of new bottles to the entire filling line. Christian Schmid, Regional Sales Director at Autefa Solutions Germany, explains in this interview what to look out for when selecting a new glass bottle depalletizer and which features Autefa Solutions systems offer. 

To reduce glass breakage, Autefa developed the anti-breakage module, which is unique on the market thanks to the protection of a utility patent. For this purpose, the bottles are secured during each lifting and pushing movement and remain fixed during the transfer process until the transfer head is above the bottle neck. The risk of bottles falling before or during the transfer process is thus drastically reduced. 
Another special feature is the transfer from carton trays. For this task, where most manufacturers switch to a lifter with a tube gripper, Autefa relies on tearing open the cartons in the direction of transfer. On the opposite side, the carton is fixed with grippers to prevent the layer from twisting during transfer. This function can also be added on a modular basis according to customer requirements.

Read the interview with Christian Schmid, Regional Sales Director von Autefa Solutions, published at BBII, Edition 3/2021 More Information

AUTEFA Solutions at BrauBeviale 2019 Hall 7 Stand 513

The sweep-off depalletizer CERTANT minimizes broken glass in the dry area. Due to the “No-Broken Glass Device” the bottles are fixed and secured during all lifting- and pushing movements. Each bottle remains fixed by the centering frame until the sweep-off cycle is completed. Customers benefit from less downtimes and reduced repair costs. As full line supplier, Autefa Solutions plans and implements logistics solutions for the intra-company material flow. Under the brand name "Certus" the company offers packers, palletizers and depalletizers. Installations from Autefa Solutions control the entire material flow from the production machines through to storage of the products in intermediate warehouses or high-bay warehouses.

Winery Toifl: With a 100% bottle fixation, the state-of-the-art wine bottling line in Austria

Winery A&M Toifl is a renowned family business in the heart of Lower Austria. As a strong partner for the food industry and as international wine merchant, the family business is very well established. The range of wines impresses with a wide selection of high quality wines at reasonable prices. Reliability in all respects, flexibility, and progressiveness as well as innovative strength are the essential values of the Toifl family to further expand their market position in future. More Information 

AUTEFA Solutions Sweep-Off Depalletizer – 100% fixing of bottles reduces operating costs

The sweep-off depalletizer from AUTEFA Solutions is equipped with an additional lifting column. The centering frame is separate from the sweep-off table. The sweep-off depalletizer from AUTEFA Solutions reduces operating costs and reclamation costs.

The sweep-off depalletizer from AUTEFA Solutions resolves an ever growing problem for filling plants. Normally, bulk glass bottles are delivered on flat intermediate layers. The pallets and glass bottles are protected with stretch/shrink films. This means that the rounded corners of the intermediate layers are bent downwards. The deformation of intermediate layers causes bottles to fall down during the sweep-off cycle. Customers also state that broken glass accumulates on the intermediate layer stacks and deposits on other intermediate layers. When using intermediate layers, this results in extremely high costs due to the necessary cleaning process. These cleaning costs are additional costs for the bottle filling company.

The sweep-off depalletizer from AUTEFA Solutions fixes and secures the bottle layer during every lifting and sweeping movement. Each bottle layer remains fixed by the centering frame until the sweep-off cycle is complete, at which time, the centering frame is opened. Maintaining control of the bottles at all times ensures that no bottles will fall. Independent from the type of packaging customer can feed any bottle size to the line.

AUTEFA Solutions "VacuGrip" - a new solution for palletizing and depalletizing bottles

The „VacuGrip“, a vacuum gripper developed and patent applied by AUTEFA Solutions Germany GmbH, is the economic solution for palletizing and depalletizing bottles. By developing the „VacuGrip“, AUTEFA Solutions provides an universal tool for palletizing and depalletizing customary beverage bottles as well as shaped bottles.

The gripper head is characterised by low total cost of ownership (TCO), because product changes without setup costs or the necessity of format parts are possible. A state-of-the-art machine control optimises energy consumption. Customers appreciate in particular the reliable and low-maintenance operation of all AUTEFA Solutions installations. The integrated centring for products and consumables guarantees a safe handling of the goods. Handling of intermediate layers as well as pallets is possible without any problems. Combined with AUTEFA Solutions robot solutions various products can be palletized and depalletized at several lines at the same time.

The AUTEFA Solutions production program includes robot and automation solutions. Alongside special solutions, palletizing, depalletizing, and automatic packaging machines are used worldwilde. Patented buffering solutions to optimize filling performance and handling systems reduce production costs. Installations from AUTEFA Solutions control the entire material flow from the production machines through to storage of the products in intermediate warehouses or high-bay warehouses.