Case Palletizer

2-, 3- or 4-axis modular robot system for palletizing of cartons, trays, shrinkpacks, returnable crates and similar packs. Individual packs, rows or whole layers can be handled.

With the modular system application-specific, custom-made solutions can be generated. Depending on the required task and performance more robots can be used. For each palletizing task various gripper heads can be used such as forked gripper heads, clamp gripper, vacuum gripper heads etc. For each specific application, the optimal product solution will be selected.

To form the layer several options for turning and pushing are available depending on the speed and product. Fragile products can be handled with a soft turning stations to ensure turning without damages.

Depending on the capacity auxiliary tasks as empty pallet and intermediate layer handling can be integrated to the system. In this way very flexible solutions with minimum space requirements are possible. The connection to a storage system including a software interface to a WMS is optional.

  • High accuracy by centring frame within the gripper head
  • Adjustable to different pallet sizes
  • Turning systems for fragile products (optional)
  • Low footprint
  • Robust design
AUTEFA Solutions Case Palletizer

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