Sweep-off Depalletizer

The sweep-off depalletizer Certant R transfers layers of various configurations of round, oval, rectangular glass bottles, PET and HDPE plastic containers or cans onto a discharge table and leads them into the filling process.

Depending on the capacities and the production facility the sweep-off depalletizer Certant R is designed with a high outfeed or an outfeed on production height. For the outfeed on production height the sweep-off device moves vertically with an levelling plate which moves the bottles to production height. For the high outfeed the product pallet is moved vertically to outfeed height, so the sweep-off device moves horizontally only. The handling of interlayer, top frame or pallets is integrated into the gripper head or realized by a separate device depending on the layout and capacities. For the handling of reused bottles, the gripper head can be changed to depalletize crates and unpack reused bottles from the crates.

AUTEFA No-Broken Glass Device

The No-Broken Glass Devices fixes and secures the bottle layer during every lifting and sweeping movement. Each bottle layer remains fixed by the centring frame until the gripper head ensures the fixation of the bottle. Fallen bottles before and during the sweep-off cycle will be prevented. The sweep-off depalletizer of AUTEFA Solutions avoids broken glass in the dry area. Employees can concentrate on basic tasks and are not busy removing broken glass. The risk of injury and contamination by broken glass will be avoided.

  • No-Broken Glass Device (optional)
  • Fully automatic product change
  • Handling of flat interlayer, covers and trays
  • Automatic ripping of trays (optional)
  • Automatic adjustment to different pallet sizes
  • Low footprint
  • Changeable gripper head to depalletize crates and unpack bottles from crates (optional)
Autefa Solutions Sweep Off Depalletizer Neuglasabschieber

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