Automation concepts for bale block storage and rack storage

As a specialist in automation and logistics, AUTEFA Solutions works with leading partners worldwide to achieve advanced bale warehouse automation. The challenge lies not only in the physical design of the warehouse itself, but more importantly in a deep understanding of the logistical needs and requirements associated with fibre bale production and handling.

Our experienced team excels at developing solutions for bale storage automation, whether in block or rack storage. These solutions are not only highly efficient, but also tailored to your individual needs. We use our extensive expertise to optimize your storage processes and provide you with a state-of-the-art, customized storage solution.

Automated block storage for fibre bales

Block storage systems are simple and cost effective. Our goal is to provide you with superior block storage systems. These systems save space, increase efficiency and ensure sustainable storage. As a market leader in fully automatic balers and packaging systems, AUTEFA Solutions offers state-of-the-art machinery and system solutions that cover the entire process from material transport to storage of the finished baled, wrapped and strapped bales in specially designed block storage systems.

The fibre bales are stacked and stored at ground level in a block storage system. For efficient handling, we use a bale gripper that can hold up to 3 bales at a time, significantly reducing the cycle time of the portal lift. The maximum stacking height in the AUTEFA block storage system varies depending on the bale shape and size. We have developed and successfully delivered customized block storage systems for both 6 and 9 stacked bales.

Automated high-rack warehouse for fibre bales

The key components of a high-rack warehouse dedicated to bale handling are portal cranes and satellite systems. The design of a fully automated high-rack warehouse is very complex and always requires individual customization to meet the needs of our customers.
We offer a comprehensive warehouse concept that includes several essential components and functions. These include solutions for the efficient transport of bales within the warehouse, as well as intelligent systems for precise stacking and sorting of bales to optimize the available storage space. In addition, we integrate innovative control units to monitor and control the shape of the bales, ensuring quality-oriented storage. Our sophisticated palletizing systems ensure precise palletization of bales according to individual requirements.

The powerful portal crane transports the bale stacks to the loading channels, ensuring a smooth workflow. A flexible satellite system allows bale stacks to be moved in and out of storage positions, providing maximum flexibility. Our experts will take care of the complete design of the indoor system for your new high-bay warehouse. It's important to note that the construction of the warehouse building is not included in our scope of supply. Typically, our customers hire local construction companies to build the warehouse according to local regulations. AUTEFA provides space requirements and floor plans as a basis for the building design.


Efficient and safe storage of recycling material bales and waste bales

AUTEFA Solutions understands the diverse challenges of the recycling industry and offers customized solutions to optimize your storage needs. Our focus is on providing first class block storage systems that save space, increase efficiency and ensure sustainable storage. AUTEFA Solutions offers state-of-the-art machinery and equipment solutions that cover the entire process from material handling to storage of the finished baled, wrapped and strapped bales in specially designed block storage facilities.

Increase your efficiency and safety with our automated block storage system for recycling and waste bales. The heart of the system is the Bale Storage Robot BSR.  With limited manpower and increasing demands on waste management, the need for innovative solutions is more important than ever.  

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