Automated bale warehouse

AUTEFA Solutions, automation and logistic specialist is working together with international partners for the realization of modern bales warehouses. The challenge for an automatic warehouse is the understanding of the logistic needs and requirements related to the continuous production, amount manpower and the replacement period.


Fully automated block storage

A bale block storage enables bale organization and bale stacking on the ground floor. The stacking itself is realized by a special bale clamp which grapes 3 bales in one go, to minimize cycle-time for the operating portal crane. Block storage is much easier in complexity and design than a high rack warehouse. Possible stacking height of AUTEFAs block storage is related to the bale shape and bale size. We have realized a block storage for the height of 9 bales as well as height for 6 bales.

Fully automated high rack warehouse

Support cranes and bale handling satellites are the key components of a high rack warehouse.
The engineering of a fully automated high rack warehouse starts with:

  • Bale transport
  • Bale stacking and sorting
  • Bale shape control unit
  • Palettizing system  
  • Rack installation
  • Support crane which organize the bale stack to the loading channels
  • Satellite system which move the bale stacks in and out from the flexible storage positions

For our storage concepts we realize the complete in-door systems. We are not able to offer or build the necessary building around the storage. Building construction needs to be organized and handled by our customers according to the local regulations. AUTEFA provides space requirements and layout plans as basic for the building design.


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