Fiber baling presses

AUTEFA Solutions has been manufacturing fiber balers and automatic logistics systems for the man-made fiber industry for over 70 years. Fiber balers are used by viscose and polyester fiber manufacturers. Other areas of application include the pressing of pulp for the paper industry as well as the processing of filament tow in the cigarette industry. 

Lift-Box Compact Double Box Baler

Since decades the Lift-Box-Compact LBC baler is the most successful baling press on the world market. More than 3000 baling press of the AUTEFA Solutions double box system have been sold worldwide.  Two boxes, one at the pre-press and the other one at the main-press guarantee a perfect bale shape for difficult fiber properties, e.g. siliconized fibers, short cut fibers, low melt fibers, mineral fibers. These fibers require a box at the main-press to guide the fibers in the right position during pressing and bale forming. The baling press is available as full  automatic, semi-automatic and manual baler. Three different auto-packing solutions ensure high flexibility in terms of economy and production capacity.

Nonstop-Ultra Single Box Baler

The Nonstop-Ultra Single Box Baler has a main-press pressing force of 150 - 400 t. The baling press distinguishes itself with fast speed and less space requirement. During the packing process the fibers will be protected. In a pre-press the fibers will be compacted to a pre-press bale which will be transferred to the main- press without a press box. The baling press guarantees well-shaped bales. It can be combined with a fully automatic packing system at the main-press. A maximum bale weight of up to 450 kg can be accomplished depending on material specification and bale dimensions. It is possible to extend the baling system with a bale removing carriage as well as a bale transport system at any time.


Transfer For Uni-Fork

The Transfer Tork Uni-Fork optimizes the process of bale pressing and increases the efficiency and capacity. The Uni-Fork  concept is a robotic solution which is working together with several bale press and combines the operation of several pre- and main-press. The central idea is a robotic fork, which is acting as a flexible transfer truck for one or more pre-presses and to operate one or more main-presses. The cut staple fibers of several independent working fiber lines are fed to different pre-presses. These fibers will be pre-compacted and prepared in a press box for the transfer of an individual working main bale press. Related to the capacity or the redundancy more main bale press can be used and connected by the Uni-Fork system.

The Uni-Fork can be integrated with the AUTEFA Solutions Nonstop-Ultra Single Box Baler. For the packing automation AUTEFA Solutions offers the Intra Power-Wrap or the Ad-Wrap.