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AUTEFA Solutions is the market leader for fully automatic baling presses and wrapping systems for staple fibers and filament two. As a modern, innovative company, we offer our customers machines and line solutions from the fiber transport to the baler, to the transport and storage of the finished pressed, wrapped, and strapped bales in bale warehouses. A high-performance research and development team works at our site in Friedberg, Germany. Our customers appreciate the sophisticated technology of our machinery, which we are constantly developing and optimizing.

Our technology for your success: patents by AUTEFA Solutions

Our customers work with machines and lines that are renowned for their high performance, operational reliability, and excellent quality of the fiber bales. We are proud of our technologies, machines, and lines and when ideas grow into products. Our Business Unit Baling is in hold of more than 50 patented inventions and designs due to AUTEFA SolutionĀ“s R&D Team which is continuously developing new and innovative solutions.


Innovations are inconceivable without patent applications. Our patented developments are an expression of our intensive efforts to provide sustainable support for our customers. Through our patents, our customers also enjoy competitive advantages because no one may use the protected processes or technologies without the permission of the patent holder.

Bale Sealing System BSS

The patented Bale Sealing System BSS by AUTEFA Solutions seals highly sensitive fiber bales used in the hygiene industry. With the Bale Sealing System BSS, the fiber bale is securely sealed in contrast to any other conventional sealing process. The interval tightening process guarantees that the PP fabric packaging material is not cut at the bale edges even with high strapping tension. Perfectly sealed fiber bales meet the need of the highly competitive international fiber market.



Wrapping Machine AD-WRAP

AUTEFA SolutionĀ“s AD-WRAP machine provides fully automatic external bale wrapping and is used in combination with new balers as well as for retrofitting balers already sold. Since the machine does not require a fixed mounting position or connection to a single machine, it is perfectly suited for integration into an overall solution with several balers. In addition,  AD-WRAP enables the re-wrapping of fiber bales that may have been poorly wrapped by other wrapping machines.


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