Automated baling process

Highest efficiency of a fiber line can only be achieved by consequent automation of the complete final stage of fiber production. AUTEFA Solutions modular system allows to automate certain sections step-by-step, finally resulting in a fully automatic baling system. After wrapping and strapping AUTEFA Solutions offers, as a solutions provider, the following steps in the automated process:

  • Moisture measuring
  • Fiber bales weighing
  • Fiber bales labelling
  • Fiber bales sorting and pre-stacking
  • Fiber bale sorting- out
  • A central control system controls the entire transport and warehouse components, bale tracking and data handling as well as the data exchange with superior control systems


Pre-Stacking / Sorting of fiber-bales

Pre- stacking and sorting, as a supporting process, prepares the fibre bales for warehousing. When storing fibre bales in an automatic or manual warehouse, optimal bale stacking is required to ensure safe handling and minimum space requirements at the storage place. A pre-stacking system with multiple storage locations serves as a buffer and reduces downtime. Pre-stacking enables a quality monitoring of the bale shape and to sort the fibre bales according to colour, fibre length or other product specifications.