Tow packing solutions

The automation of the entire process from the tow plaiter to the bale transport is possible due to the AUTEFA Solutions modular design. According to the specific requirements AUTEFA Solutions provides specialized equipment for:

  • Converter-tow for Polyester, Acrylic, and Viscose
  • Compact-tow  for Acrylic
  • Acetate-tow (cigarette tow)
  • PAC Pre-curser-tow for carbon fibers


Tow plater

Depending on customer requirements the tow is plaited in moveable or fixed containers or boxes. The plaiting procedure for the different fiber products has huge varieties and therefore can be controlled on all three axes individually. 

Especially the plaiting process of cigarette tow has to follow the highest specification related the final plaiting result. The tow must be plaited parallel with an even surface to avoid any density differences in the final product. 

The tow quantity can be programmed during the plaiting motion by means of the patented control system "Profiling". The plaiting quality is optimized by keeping the distance between the plaiting funnel and the tow surface constant. Thus, high demands regarding precise tow plating are completely satisfied.


Container Transport

After the automatic container exchange the full container is transported into the tow press by a container transport system. AUTEFA Solutions container  transport system (CTS) offers following advantages:

  • No overhead steel construction for container transport system (CTS) necessary, container transport carriage (CTC) is driving on floor level 
  • Good access to container transport system subcomponents such as moving carriage, rails, energy chain enables easy maintenance
  • Easy layout of rail crossings also for several baling presses
  • No Overhead pulling, the transport device on container transport carriage is designed for all plaiters and storage positions and fulfils highest requirements
  • Less pit depth of baling press


Tow Baling

If the density of the tow-fiber is not sufficient after plaiting in cardboard boxes or steel containers, an additional baling process enables to dense the tow-fiber to an optimum. Tow Baling is always a tailor-made solution. Based on our experience we are developing, together with our customers the most efficient solution.