Bale packing solutions – wrapping, strapping and sealing

AUTEFA Solutions offers advanced alternatives for automatic bale wrapping, strapping​​​​​​​ and sealing, depending on the specification:

INTRA-WRAP for bales

IW Fully Automated Packing Solution

More than 130 staple fiber lines have been automated with the Intra-Wrap packing system. Capacities of approx. 28 bales/h are achieved with Intra-Wrap and different wrapping materials can be used, e.g. PE-film or PP-woven. Intra-Wrap enables a reliable protection of fibers against any kind of contamination during transport or intermediate storage due to a consistently high wrapping quality. Intra-Wrap is integrated inAUTEFA Solutions baling press Lift-Box Compact Double Box Baler or Nonstop-Ultra Single Box Baler .



IPW Fully Automated Packing Solution

Intra-Power Wrap, a fully automatic packing solution, enables the reliable protection of fibers against any kind of contamination during transport or intermediate storage due to a consistently high wrapping quality. Intra-Power Wrap is a solution for the increasing demands regarding baling press technology caused by the new high- capacity fiber lines. The packing solution unit is integrated in AUTEFAs baling press Lift-Box Compact Double Box Balers or Nonstop-Ultra Single Box Balers. Internal packing with Intra-Power Wrap ensures safe production in terms of fiber contamination for multi-colour production lines. The main baling press with integrated packing assures an optimum bale shape. A capacity of up to 62 bales/h can be achieved with Intra-Power Wrap. The high capacity can be realized due to the belly wrap process with 2 film coils moving parallel to the bale. The fast welding performance of the bally wrap sheets are realized by ultra-sonic welding technology. With the high frequency film welding device, we are able to connect Polypropylene woven packing material which is not processable under normal heat bar welding tools.

AUTO-STRAP for bales

Automatic Strapping Unit

The Automatic Strapping Unit AUTO-STRAP is a fast and easy strapping system which can be combined with AUTEFA Solutions baling press Lift-Box-Compact balers or Nonstop-Ultra balers. The installation of AUTO-STRAP increases the production rate compared to manual packing done by operators. It is as well an option for a strapping process direct on the fiber followed by a film packing afterwards with our AD-WRAP unit. AUTO-STRAP can be combined with AUTEFAs baling press as well every other double box baling press




Fully Automatic External Bale Wrapping

AUTEFA Solutions Wrapping Machine AD-WRAP ensures fully automatic external bale wrapping and  is suitable for various applications such as combination with new balers, upgrading of new balers as well as retrofitting of old balers with the system at utmost flexibility. Due to the fact that this unit is not necessarily subject to a fixed place of installation respective connection to one single machine it also is perfectly suited to be integrated in a total solution including bales from several balers. Additionally this installation enables the re-packing bales of inferior packing quality from other machines due to the fact that this device is not connected to any other preceding machine in the process.

Bale Sealing System BSS

AUTEFA Solutions patented Bale Sealing System seals highly sensitive fiber bales for the hygienic industry. With the Bale Sealing System BSS, the fiber bale is securely sealed compared to any other conventional sealing by tape. Interval tightening with AUTEFA Solutions Bale Sealing System BBS ensures the PP- woven bale packing material will not be cut at the bale edges, even with very high strapping tension. Perfect sealed fiber bales meet the need of the highly competitive fiber market. The Bale Sealing System BSS can be retrofitted individually and is also an excellent supplement for new investment projects.