Neelde punching Lines

AUTEFA Solutions is a leading solution provider for turnkey needle punching lines. The major trends in the nonwovens industry of high productivity combined with low maintenance costs and high flexibility for different nonwoven products increase the demand for high quality machines from AUTEFA Solutions. All process steps are based on well known and worldwide proven technologies. In addition to the complete equipment,

AUTEFA Solutions offers comprehensive engineering services including start-up and production support as well as guarantees for quality and capacity. The main feature of the production lines is their outstanding flexibility, enabling nonwovens producers to produce a wide variety of products and truly unique fabrics.

  • Crosslapper: layering speed up to 200 m/min, delivery speed up to 60 m/min
  • Needle Punching: highest stroke frequencies in continuous operation, up to 3050 rpm
  • Working widths up to 16 m 
  • Needle densities up to 30000 needles per meter
  • Artificial leather
  • Automotive felts
  • Carpets and carpet backings
  • Insulation materials for thermal and noise insulation
  • Geotextiles
  • Industrial wipes
  • Technical Felts
  • Blankets (needled)
  • Clothing and furniture

Needle punching lines for Geotextiles

AUTEFA Solutions offers complete lines for the production of needled geotextiles. Geotextiles are generally flat or three-dimensional textiles. These nonwovens are used for separation, reinforcement and filtration in the construction of highways, airfields, railways, sports fields, drainage ditches, dams and dykes. Despite their strength and durability, geotextiles are light and easy to lay. They are used as a building material in civil engineering, water engineering and traffic route construction and are an important aid in geotechnical securing work.

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Lines for the production of papermaking felts

The production of papermaking felts is one of the most complex processes in the nonwovens industry. It combines the highest quality requirements with unusual demands on the fabric width and basis weight to be produced. Papermaking felts are used in the drying process during paper production and have a decisive influence on the surface quality of the final product. Papermaking felts must have excellent basis weight uniformity. In papermaking, paper quality is improved if the felts have high strength and run with low vibration on the paper machines. It is also important that the felts are produced in a virtually continuous process, as this is the only way to avoid indentations at the splices.

The design of plants for the production of papermaking felts requires special know-how; AUTEFA Solutions' plants are always planned and designed according to the customer's specifications. The many years of experience of the specialists and the continuous service and support make AUTEFA Solutions' customers successful.

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AUTEFA Solutions Nonwovens Competence Center

The AUTEFA Solutions Nonwovens Competence Center in Linz, Austria, offers excellent trial facilities to support customers in the development of new advanced products. Four nonwovens production lines with different bonding technologies (needling, thermobonding, hydroentanglement) and a special line for carbon fiber processing are available.  The installed equipment provides a realistic impression of the quality, workmanship, capability and performance of AUTEFA Solutions machinery. 
We offer our customers a wide range of technologies for web forming and web bonding of nonwovens on an industrial scale. A team of specialists develops technical and technological product optimization based on customer and market requirements. 

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Service and spare parts for machines and complete lines

Customer service for AUTEFA nonwoven machines and lines includes comprehensive support throughout the entire life cycle of the production systems, from installation, maintenance and optimization to modernization. Our service department can help with problems and offers special service packages, the supply of OEM spare parts and retrofit solutions.

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