Faseröffnung und Fasermischung

Linien für die Faseröffnung und die Fasermischung werden flexibel projektiert und den zu verarbeitenden Fasern sowie dem Vliesprodukt angepasst. So wird höchste Vliesqualität und Prozesssicherheit garantiert.

Bale Opener

The Bale Opener is suitable for any type of fibers, fiber length and denier. It is complete with double horizontal conveyor and can be loaded with full bales, of any dimension and weight. The opening of the bales is done by a spiked PVC apron with internal slats with galvanized steel pins, driven by an inverter. The combing roller and the discharge roller are of large diameter and driven by an independent motor gear box.   

Line for low melt fibers

This line is designed to efficiently open low melt fibers before the weighing process. A good opening as well as enhanced blending of low melt fibers with the standard fibers offer the following advantages:

  • material cost optimization
  • increased product evenness and quality
  • enhanced production rates


Fiber Opening

The Fine Opener FTO ensures intensive opening and is designed for the processing of natural, synthetic and artificial fibers, from 0.5 den. to 30 den. with a length of 25 mm to 90 mm.   

The Vertical Fine Opener VFO opens intensively up to a degree of 95 % of the fiber tufts. The opener is expressly designed for the opening of all kinds of medium and long fibers (fiber specification from 1.7 den. to 110 den., from 40 mm to 150 mm.  The machine has a feeding silo with two adjustable walls and four feeding cylinders, and is the ideal machine for the intensive opening of low melt and delicate fibers, without neps and fusions.  



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