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On this page you will find blog entries. This is where we, the trainees at AUTEFA Solutions, write and where you can find out more about our entry into professional life. We give an exclusive insight into our experiences during the training at AUTEFA. 


November 2023, Our visit to BrauBeviale trade show in Nuremberg

Due to our proximity to the consumer goods industry, a visit to this year's BrauBeviale on 29th November in Nuremberg was a fantastic destination for us apprentices.

At 8am we set off from Friedberg to the exhibition centre in Nuremberg. On arrival, we were given the opportunity to explore the different areas of the exhibition. The halls covered the entire production chain, from high quality raw materials to filled beverage crates and their packaging. Adequate catering was also provided. Of course, the entire beverage supply chain was of interest to us, but the bottle handling and packaging technology was particularly fascinating in comparison to our systems. New innovations and sustainable concepts were a constant topic of discussion. Technology and precision were important aspects of BrauBeviale. Automation and robotics also played an important role. We were also able to make some new contacts at the exhibition.

At around 3 pm it was time for us to make our way back home. After a sociable dinner together, the day finally came to an end at 6pm back in Friedberg.

July 2023, 2-Days trip to our Customer in Austria

Our trip to Heiligenkreuz in the Lafnitz Valley was a beautiful and interesting experience for all of us. We started early at 6:15 am at AUTEFA in Friedberg and arrived around 2 pm at the hotel in Bad Loipersdorf. After a short rest, there was action - we were allowed to try archery! We were shown the correct technique and after a few test shots we already hit the targets. After the 2-hour training session, we were happy and hungry, so we went out to eat together at the end of the first day. 

The second day began with a delicious and lovingly prepared breakfast at the hotel. After the refreshment we drove to our customer "Lenzing" in Heiligenkreuz. In order to be able to move safely on the company premises, all safety rules were explained to us in a safety briefing. Due to the bad weather, we were accompanied directly to the production building where our fiber bale technology is used. Here we were given a guided tour of the hall and our plant. We were able to ask questions about the technology and take a closer look at the finished fiber bales. This was a very great experience as we were able to marvel at our equipment in action and we were amazed at the size of the plant. After a photo shoot, it was time for us to head back home.

We all enjoyed the trip very much and it strengthened our togetherness. We hope for more great and exciting trips!

AUTEFA Solutions Germany: Ausflug Auszubildende - Werksbesichtigung Firma Lenzing Juli 2023

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March 25th, 2023 Our booth at the Fit for Job Recruitment Fair

We presented our company, AUTEFA Solutions, at the Fit for Job fair to talk to students and future trainees.

The day started at 8am with setting up and preparing our stand. At 9am it was time to open the fair to the public. Right from the start we had a lot of visitors at our stand and the popcorn machine we had brought with us was working all the time. The visitors were very enthusiastic about our other giveaways and there was a relaxed atmosphere.

This atmosphere was perfect for an interesting and informative exchange with the visitors. We had the opportunity to give an insight into our company and our profession, not least thanks to the videos we brought with us. The videos showed the AUTEFA plants in operation and the activities of the trainees in the different departments, which helped the visitors to better understand our work. Many new contacts were made and we hope that many young talents will apply for a job at AUTEFA Solutions.  The day of the fair came to an end around 15:00 and the stand slowly emptied. After the fair, our stand was dismantled and everything was taken back to the company. The fair was a great success for us and we are looking forward to the next events!

September 2022, Our visit to the Drinktec trade show in Munich

The trip to the Drinktec, world's leading trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry, in Munich was an exciting opportunity for us to see the booth in action with our "IBSS System", a dynamic buffer system for plastic bottles and containers. Seeing the machine live in operation gave us a deeper understanding of its capabilities and possibilities. The show provided a wealth of information and news about the latest trends and innovations in the beverage and food industry and gave us ideas for future projects and developments. It was a great learning experience and a great networking opportunity to connect with industry professionals and gain insights from experts in the field. Overall, the trip motivated us and we are eager to apply our knowledge and continue learning at AUTEFA!

September 1st, 2022 we welcome new trainees

Also this year we are pleased  to welcome new trainees to our team on September 1st, at AUTEFA Solutions in Friedberg, Germany and Linz, Austria!  A new phase of life has begun for our new trainees: They are completing a three-year apprenticeship. We are happy to accompany them on this way and wish them a successful start into their professional life and a lot of fun working in our company.

May 2022, our trip to Stuttgart

We apprentices at AUTEFA Solutions in Friedberg had the task of planning and organising our this year's excursion. The management provided us with a budget that we could use for our excursion. The guideline for the excursion was that it should be one day and that it should serve to get to know each other. After we had collected some ideas, we agreed and planned our trip. Stuttgart was our preferred destination.

July 2021, our trip to Austria

As apprentices at AUTEFA Solutions (we are mechatronics technicians and industrial clerks) we have the opportunity to see modules and individual components of our machines during production. In our day-to-day business, however, we rarely have the opportunity to see our machines and systems in operation at full production capacity. As mechatronics trainees, we assemble parts and modules of the machines. As industrial clerks, we come into indirect contact with our machines in purchasing, in the shipping or in the service department.

In July 2021, we were all together with our trainers in Austria for 2 days.

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