Filling systems and lines for HDPE bottles

HDPE (high-density polyethylene) bottles offer distinct advantages in the packaging industry. Its light weight makes transportation more efficient and handling easier for manufacturers and consumers. In addition, HDPE is remarkably strong. HDPE's chemical resistance makes it the ideal choice for storing a wide variety of substances without damaging the material. HDPE is recyclable, which contributes to environmentally friendly disposal and reuse, reducing the environmental footprint.

The natural moisture barrier protects the contents of the bottle from external influences, which is particularly important when storing food or other sensitive substances. Finally, HDPE is versatile, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from food packaging to household and industrial containers. All in all, HDPE bottles are a cost-effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solution that meets the needs of a wide range of industries. 

AUTEFA Solutions supplies complete lines for filling plants such as dairies, juice fillers, but also filling companies of household and cleaning products - from material receiving to fully automatic storage systems with integrated dispatch preparation. Depending on the requirements, multi-axis high-performance machines are used for depalletizing, packaging, palletizing or stacking. Fully automatically adjustable gripper heads and feeders streamline the process by significantly reducing set-up times, among other things. In the case of customer-specific requirements or special space conditions, the machine is adapted in order to develop an optimmal solution for the respective application.

HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) bottles are widely used across various industries due to their excellent properties such as chemical resistance, strength, and durability. Here are some application areas of HDPE bottles in the industry:

  • Food and Beverage Industry
    • Packaging of Liquids: HDPE bottles are frequently used for packaging milk, juice, water, and other beverages. Their opacity helps protect the contents from light damage.
    • Syrups and Sauces: These bottles are ideal for filling syrups, sauces, and dressings due to their chemical stability and resistance to high temperatures.
  • Chemical Industry
    • Storage and Transport of Chemicals: HDPE bottles are resistant to a variety of chemicals, including acids, bases, and solvents. They are commonly used for storing and transporting cleaning agents, laboratory chemicals, and other aggressive substances.
    • Agricultural Chemicals: They are widely used for packaging pesticides, fertilizers, and other agricultural chemicals.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
    • Packaging of Medications: HDPE bottles are used for filling liquid medications, syrups, and dietary supplements. Their safety for food and chemicals makes them a reliable choice for medical applications.
    • Disinfectants: They are also used for packaging disinfectants and antiseptics.
  • Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry
    • Shampoos and Conditioners: HDPE bottles are frequently used for shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products.
    • Lotions and Creams: They are also commonly used for packaging lotions, creams, and other skincare products.
  • Household Products Industry
    • Cleaning Agents: HDPE bottles are ideal for packaging cleaning agents, fabric softeners, and bleaches due to their chemical resistance.
    • Garden Products: They are also used for filling garden care products such as fertilizers and insecticides.
  • Oil and Lubricant Industry
    • Motor Oil and Lubricants: HDPE bottles are used for packaging motor oils, lubricants, and other automotive fluids due to their resistance to oils and greases.
  • Construction Industry
    • Construction Chemicals: HDPE bottles are used for packaging construction chemicals such as sealants, adhesives, and additives.
  • Electronics Industry
    • Electronics Cleaning Agents: They are used for special cleaning agents employed in the electronics industry.


Depalletizing wih VacuGrip

HDPE bottles, also known as high-density polyethylene bottles, play a critical role in the packaging industry. These plastic bottles can either be blown on site or fed into the production line as bulk material via a bottle erector. In order to ensure gentle processing, it has proven to be a good idea to depalletize and break up the HDPE bottles in layers at the beginning of the line.

The VacuGrip, specially developed and patented by AUTEFA, is ideal for this process. With the VacuGrip, the HDPE bottles are precisely gripped in layers and separated in rows or by pressureless merging over a storage table. This advanced technology not only ensures efficient handling of the HDPE bottles, but also minimizes wear and contributes to product integrity. The targeted use of the VacuGrip thus ensures high-quality and gentle processing of the HDPE bottles on the production line.

Dynamic Buffer Systems IBSS

Seamless integration of HDPE bottles into the production process is made possible by the IBSS 2.0, a dynamic buffer system positioned between the blow molder and the filling line. This innovative system provides the ability to create a buffer from a few minutes to several days, effectively decoupling bottle production from the filling line.

IBSS 2.0 not only allows flexible adjustment of production speeds, but also helps to bridge potential bottlenecks and ensure a smooth flow throughout the manufacturing and filling process chain. The ability to decouple HDPE bottle production and filling over time provides greater operational efficiency and enables better adaptation to fluctuating demand conditions.

As a dynamic buffer system, IBSS 2.0 opens new perspectives for optimized and efficient production of HDPE bottles that meet today's demands for flexibility and efficiency in the packaging industry.


The filling technology with weight measurement (net weight filler) from the Serac range offers precise dosing and also enables the realization of ultra-clean or aseptic filling lines. Serac offers rinsers, fillers and cappers that combine to meet the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

To ensure optimal sterilization, Serac uses several highly effective sterilization solutions. These include methods such as the use of hydrogen peroxide, pulsed light, peracetic acid and the innovative BluStream® process for containers and closures. 

The combination of Serac's precise weight measurement technology with advanced sterilization processes enables the creation of state-of-the-art filling lines that meet the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. 

Bottle Transport

The transport of the HDPE bottles is provided and controlled by AUTEFA. This means that our customers have a single point of contact for the realization of a complete line and the certainty that all system components are optimally coordinated. We suggest additional units from partner companies or integrate the customer's preferred suppliers. AUTEFA Solutions coordinates all interfaces between the suppliers and offers complete lines based on the respective specifications and performance data.

Labeling Machine

The HDPE bottles are fed in a single lane to the labeling machine, where they can be labeled according to individual design requirements. We leave the choice of the labeling machine manufacturer entirely up to our customers. AUTEFA is responsible for the interfaces to the bottle conveyor to ensure seamless integration and smooth communication between the labeling system and the bottle conveyor. In this way, we offer our customers not only flexibility in the selection of the labeling machine, but also comprehensive support in the coordination of all relevant systems for an efficient and reliable production process.

Wrapaorund or Pick & Place Robot PP and PPK

The CERTANT PP case packer (pick & place robot) is also used to pack round, oval or square HDPE bottles or containers into cartons or trays. Depending on the system design, outputs of up to 40,000 bph can be achieved. Special grippers are used for the different HDPE bottles. The CERTANT PP case packer is characterized by its flexibility and cost-effectiveness, making it the ideal machine for a wide range of packaging requirements. The adaptability of the system allows different bottle or container shapes to be efficiently handled and packed into cartons or trays.

The CERTANT PPK case packer is an economical solution for companies in the small to medium output range. This machine enables efficient packaging with reduced energy requirements. When choosing a wrap-around packer, the appropriate system is selected in close consultation with the customer, taking into account the variety of products to be packaged. 

Container/ bundle conveyor

The container/pack transport is provided and controlled by AUTEFA. The additional units are proposed by partner companies or the customer's preferred suppliers are integrated.

AUTEFA Solutions takes over the coordinated control of all interfaces between the various suppliers and offers customized complete lines that are precisely tailored to the respective specifications and performance data. 


AUTEFA has 2-, 3- or 4-axis, modular robot systems in gantry design for palletizing cartons, trays, shrink packs and similar packs, whereby individual packs, rows or entire layers can be processed efficiently. It is also possible to palletize individual containers directly on intermediate layers or in large trays, which enables a high degree of flexibility when handling different pack formats.

The infeed to the palletizer is either single or multi-lane, depending on the output, in order to meet the specific requirements of the production environment. Empty pallets and intermediate layers are fed automatically to ensure a continuous workflow. Finally, the pallet is securely fixed using a wrapper, strapper or shrink hood to ensure stable and safe preparation of the palletized packs for dispatch. These fully automatic robot systems therefore offer an efficient solution for the precise and reliable palletizing of a wide variety of pack shapes in industrial production processes.

Autefa Solutions Intermediate Bottle Storage System IBSS

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