All day support: AUTEFA Solutions hotline is available 24 hours a day

Our lifecycle service "Hotline Support" provides you with a central contact point for the AUTEFA technical service team for all questions relating to your systems and machines. The AUTEFA Support Hotline gives you fast access to our service specialists around the clock. You will receive support either directly by telephone, by e-mail or by remote service.



24/7 telephone support

  • Telephone support for troubleshooting and fault resolution. 
  • Direct technical contact for control related issues.
  • Support for acute production stoppages.
  • Access to control and database for each machine and system.
  • Additional information regarding the call should be sent to us by email.

24/ Remote Service

  • Quick error diagnosis and program analysis via remote connection (controls and databases).
  • Online optimization of parameters.
  • Every remote service operation only in the presence of a contact person on site (own personnel or AUTEFA on site personnel).


Remote service technical requirements

  • Machine access: The customer provides a VPN connection or
  • AUTEFA Solutions installs a WAN/LAN router for which the customer only has to provide a free internet connection to the AUTEFA cabinet.
  • The installation of the network cable to the AUTEFA cabinet is done by the customer.
  • A 2 factor authentication is possible for the VPN connection.

Advantages- Hotline support contract

  • Guaranteed response time* of a maximum of 120 minutes. (* Response time: t he time interval between the fault report by the client and the commencement of assistance by technical support.)
  • Faster response due to pre existing customer data.
  • Elimination of individual written requests.
  • Cost savings by minimizing on site service personnel interventions. •
  • Increased plant availability through shorter 

Conditions- hotline support contract

A support contract includes an annual base fee and support hours that are covered after invoicing. The hours are provided in the form of a list and serve as confirmation of the services provided. In addition, an automatic reminder is sent when the contract expires.

Please contact us

AUTEFA Solutions Germany GmbH
Paul-Lenz-Strasse 1
86316 Friedberg . Germany
T: +49 821 2608 0

Our Hotline Support is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We offer personalized support that can be booked as part of a customized support contract. Our secure and fast communications allow us to interact efficiently with your machines. We also offer extensive remote service capabilities to ensure that your needs are met promptly and professionally.

For your inquiry or more information please contact us. The responsible department will answer soon.

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