Carding Technology for Woollen, Worsted and Semi Worsted Spinning

AUTEFA Solutions manufacturers OCTIR woollen carding sets for processing fine and extra fine wool, cashmere and silk, for high quality weaving and knitting yarns. Our product range includes carding sets for processing standard wool and synthetic fibers for carpet and blanket yarns, as well as worsted cards for processing wool, mohair, angora, cashmere, synthetic fibers, and silk for high quality weaving and knitting yarns. Semi worsted cards for processing wool and synthetic fibers for carpets yarns complete the product range in our business unit Woollen/ Worsted/ Semi Worsted technology.  In Biella, Italy AUTEFA Solutions combines the former card manufacturers OCTIR and F.O.R. With a history of more than 100 years in card production and the successful supply of more than 6000 cards all over the world, today AUTEFA Solutions is a preferred partner in supplying cards with advanced mechanical and electronic technologies.

Product range for long-staple spinning

Service and spare parts for machines and complete lines

Original spare parts ensure the quality of the manufactured products and guarantee the efficiency and long life of your machines. AUTEFA Solutions offers a complete and comprehensive OEM service with spare parts. We offer:

  • Fast and reliable delivery all over the world
  • Ongoing development of the original spare parts
  • All spare and wear parts from one supplier
  • Competent spare part consulting


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