OCTIR-Dragon Multitrave Woollen Carding Sets

The best woollen carding sets to produce the highest quality yarns.

Each single part of the woollen carding sets is produced in Italy and tested to assure the highest reliability and longevity on the heaviest working conditions. AUTEFA Solutions is the only company that still manufactures the large dimension parts, such as main and side frames, in cast iron and submits them to a long natural seasoning, to guarantee long dimensional stability and less vibration, and finally the most even yarn during time.

The AUTEFA Solutions OCTIR-Dragon Multitrave Woollen Carding Sets are available with a single or double tape condenser, as well as either with a giant traversing creel or a tandem creel. Based on the OCTIR system, the synchronization between the two cards is mechanical (breaker and finisher).

The OCTIR-Dragon Multitrave Woollen Carding Sets offer the customers the following advantages in order to achieve the best product quality and highest efficiency:

  • Feeding cylinders Ø 108 mm instead of Ø 140 mm enable better fiber control and produces a yarn with less thin/thick places and with better CV and Uster values
  • AC drives with Inverters for main drives and for eccentric column to have a fine set up of the speeds and reach the best performance of the carding set
  • Control Panel with touch screen and management of the main parameters of the machine functions to allow the control and supervision of the carding set including operational and fault messages

New side doors for an easy and quick access to the card parts for cleaning and maintenance

The following Fibers (new or reclaimed, pure or blended) can be processed:

  • Wool
  • Cashmere
  • Synthetic fibers
  • Other natural fibers (Camel Hair, Mohair, Alpaca, Yak, etc.)

End Products:
woollen yarns from 0.6 Nm to over 40 Nm for

  • Carpet Yarns
  • Blanket Yarns
  • Weaving Yarns
  • Knitting Yarns
<h2>Technical Data</h2>
Working widths (mm): 2000 mm, 2500 mm, 3000 mm, 3500 mm
Drums Ø: 1650 mm
Doffers Ø: 1280 mm
Numbers of workers/strippers: from 6 to 8 per drum