Automatic Needle Exchanger

Special features:
  • Fully automatic process of needle exchange
  • Universal application for all needle boards and needles
  • Exchange of even single needles and needle segments
  • Now and in the future each needle pattern can be exchanged, there is no restriction on certain needle patterns
  • Exchange of different needle designs, needle types and needle densities even in one board
  • Automatic positioning of the needles in the optimum working direction
  • Gentle treatment of the needle boards – when worn or broken needles are exchanged the needle board will not be damaged
  • The system is capable of detecting and exchanging damaged and broken needles as well as needle boards with accumulation of fiber dust
  • High operational safety level due to the fully automatic process of needle exchange
  • Operating speed up to 1,500 needles/h
  • For removing and setting of needles no direct involvement of operating personnel is necessary
  • Needle magazin for more than 10,000 needles
  • Extension of the service life of the needle boards
  • Due to the coupling and exchange of information with the needle loom an optimization of life time and web qualities in the machine are achieved
  • Innovative element of a preventive maintenance concept