Needle Punching Technology

Needle punching machines or needle looms are essential in the production of nonwoven fabrics. Nonwovens are bonded mechanically by needling. The needles punch vertically in and out of the material. The machine then transports the material and the needles come down again. This process locks the fibers together.

The product range includes Single- and Double-Board Needle Looms, Tandem Needle Looms, Velour-, Structuring and Patterning Needle Looms based on the Needle Loom Stylus NL drive concept series and the Needle Loom Stylus VARILIPTIC drive concept.

Needle punching machines from AUTEFA Solutions combine Fehrer’s know-how and long-time experience with the latest technology and offer optimum solutions for any kind of needling requirement, as single loom or integrated in complete lines.

Needle Loom Stylus VARILIPTIC drive concept

The design of the Needle Loom Stylus is tailored to customers’ requirements in terms of working width, maximum machine load and machine speeds achievable. A pneumatic needle board clamping is fitted as standard, with the added option of integrating a quick-exchange system for stripper and bed plate. The Needle Loom Stylus can work with conventional needling zone arrangements, with one or two boards from top (downstroke) or bottom (upstroke), one from top and one from bottom or two from top and two from bottom, or even in a tandem arrangement. The whole series uses exactly the same parts. Spare parts can therefore be used without any problems in all Stylus needle loom configurations and not as many need to be kept in stock. The slim design of the Needle Loom Stylus allows existing nonwoven installations to be upgraded with Variliptic drive technology.

Needle Loom Fehrer Stylus ONE

The Needle Loom Fehrer StylusONE covers market needs for a reliable and economic machine, suitable for all needling applications up to 1.800 g/m2. With a performance of max. 1.200 strokes/min the Needle Loom StylusONE distinguishes itself through productivity, guaranteed longevity and maintenance free gear boxes. The Needle Loom Fehrer StylusONE is being manufactured in Linz, Austria. Each machine is 100 % pre- tested which allows a fast start-up.