HiPerFold – Festooning System

The festooning process is an alternative to existing winding or spooling processes. Festooning is a folding process with 2 major advantages:

The end product out of a festooning machine is a folded pack in cubic shape, rather than a roll or a spool in cylindrical shape. The cubic shape allows to fill out a given transport volume to a higher degree and this safes transport costs.

Material wound on a roll or spool is characterized by an outer end, visible to the user and an inner end, next to the core. The hidden inner end is not accessible for splicing until roll or spool are unwound completely. As a consequence, splicing is not possible in a non-stop fashion or requires the use of accumulators to allow splicing without stopping a process.

A festooned material offers access to both leading end and tail of a material. This allows connection of tail end (sticks out at the bottom of a festooned pallet) and leading end (laying on top of the pallet) during operation. The process can run non-stop without any sophisticated accumulators that can also have strong influence on material quality (material turning in the accumulator can lead to fibers breaking away and this to bad material surface and high dust contamination).

The AUTEFA Solutions HiPerFold

  • Reduced transport volume leads to reduced transport costs
  • Increases uptime in downstream processes as it allows non-stop processing
  • Cosmetic pads
  • Absorbent core (Airlaids)