EnRec- Energy Management and Recovery

Energy conservation has become an economical duty for every operation that uses drying or thermobonding processes. When investing into thermal production facilities, decisions as to which machine to purchase have to be made carefully. In most cases, superficial approaches will only lead to expensive production and maintenance costs. The nonwovens industry is huge, and because of its size its greenhouse gas emissions are profound. There is more to think about when running a production facility than technological characteristics.

If you are not aware of the possibilities at hand, then not taking the right measures now could jeopardize operations in the years to come.

We help producers to get awareness of their economic and ecological potential. Starting with qualified Energy Assessments, we analyze the status quo and transfer the results into practice in the form of either retrofit packages for existing lines, or the made to need solution with brand new machines.

Guaranteed energy consumption: Experts of Autefa Solutions Switzerland have gathered sufficient information in the past years so that today Autefa Solutions is able to guarantee energy consumption data.

Energy costs: Add another dimension to your variable cost calculation - don't use the watering can principle when calculating a products manufacturing energy, make energy costs attributable to the product that causes it. The AUTEFA Solutions Experts can already tell you beforehand how much you should consume for a particular product. This allows you to crosscheck and see, whether or not your operation is earning or burning money.

Reduce your CO2 Footprint:

AUTEFA Solutions has energy management and recovery systems that allow you to actively do something against the creation of CO2 emissions. The AUTEFA Solutions EnRec Energy Savings and Recovery Systems account for a cleaner environment combined with cost reductions at the same time.

The existing, patented Energy management and -recovery systems from AUTEFA Solutions which exist on the market allowed existing customers to reduce energy consumption by up to 50 % compared to so called state of the art systems.
Today several systems, some integral, some adaptive, allow us to supply machines with the lowest energy consumption and thus lowest carbon footprint.

The main advantages  

  • Drastically reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced CO2 footprint
  • Short payback time
  • Effective, even in dust laden environments
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Can be retrofitted on existing thermobonding and drying lines

The following systems are available:

EnRec 1 – process management system to achieve high exhaust saturation
EnRec 2 – built in heat recovery system
EnRec 3 – external air to air heat exchanger, can be retrofitted to own and other suppliers ovens
EnRec 4 – system for heat recovery from exhaust air
EnRec 6 – solar to air heat exchanger technology

Suitable for:

  • Thermobonding processes
  • Spunlace dryers
  • Airlaids dryers
  • Wetlaids dryers
  • Textile dryers

NEW: All AUTEFA Solutions ovens can be set up to allow the use of hot exhaust gases from BHPP’s (block heating and power plants). This allows to run BHPP’s at a higher efficiency and provides for excellent paybacks.

Energy assessments:
AUTEFA Solutions offers energy assessments for all dryers. These assessments allow customers to take a well backed decision whether upgrading an existing system or purchasing a new dryer. Our guaranteed payback calculations are perfect tool to base decision making on solid facts. Contact our team of experts for more information.

EnRec 3 Air to Air heat exchanger

Modular design, adapted to the exhaust air volume.

Solar to Air heat exchangers