Drying and Thermobonding Technology

AUTEFA Solutions specialises in the production of single and double belt dryers and thermobonding ovens for all nonwovens processes. The key strength of the AUTEFA Solutions belt dryers, uniform airflow and temperature distribution, the maintenance or even creation of high loft on the one but highest density as well as utmost energy efficiency on the other hand recommend the Autefa Solutions thermobonding and drying oven for industries that may use other systems today.

The AUTEFA Solutions circulation air oven is made to thermobond, heatset and also dry nonwovens.

As a thermobonding oven it allows processing of natural, recycling, glass and other mineral fibers to synthetic fibers. As a binder one can use bicomponent or polypropylene fibers but thermoplastic or duroplastic binder powders can be used as well. Heatsetting needle punched nonwovens is another field of application. The AUTEFA Solutions Oven can work in line with carding lines, carding and crosslapped lines, airlay, wetlaid and airlaid (pulp) lines.

The right nozzle for every process

Thermobonding, heatsetting and drying – all processes require different approaches. The HiPerTherm comprises a unique nozzle change system that allows to equip the base machine with the right airflow system for various processes. The multitude of airflow choices combined with the process knowhow of our specialists allows flexible layout of each HiPerTherm to process needs.

AUTEFA Solutions proposes the following main categories for thermobonding industry:

Standard Thermobonding Oven

Double belt ovens for low to medium density products

Square Drum Dryer SQ-V

The nozzle system in the Square Drum Dryer SQ-V distributes the airflow in terms of speed and temperature uniform throughout the whole working width, providing best spunlace web and surface quality results.

Thermobonding Oven for High-Web-Compression

Double belt ovens for high density products

High Speed Thermobonding Oven

Single belt ovens for thermobonding of thin materials at high speeds

Drying of airlaids

Double belt ovens for drying of airlaids




Partnership with
CAMPEN Machinery

Drying of wetlaids

Double belt ovens for drying of wetlaids

Drying of carpets

Tenter frame oven for drying of carpet

Energy recovery systems

EnRec- Energy Management and Recovery Systems

Energy Management and Recovery Systems for Drying and Thermobonding ovens reduce substantially the energy consumption and therefore the operating costs.