Cutting technology

The cutting, stacking and winding of nonwovens in high performance installations becomes increasingly important due to the short cycle times. Short product run times additionally require the highest amount of flexibility from the nonwoven manufacturer. The machine program of AUTEFA Solutions for cutting and winding of nonwovens of all types ensures easy and fast handling with high operational reliability for the customer. Depending on the control technology design, there are also integrated process control systems available, which allow recipe operation and therefore make installation changes fast and economical.

Cutting Technology

  • Crush cutting system
  • High speed cutting system
  • Bandsaw system
  • Guillotines
  • Perforations


Fully automatic pad stacker for different product and speed ranges.


Winding solutions for low to medium density nonwovens e.g.: insulation material, high loft waddings and needle punched substrates. The winders are available in various degrees of automation as the rolls start up and ejection can be manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic.