Crosslapping Technology

The crosslapper takes up the carded web coming from the carding machine with constant speed, guides it between two conveyor belts from the upper carriage to the layering carriage, and finally lays it in a zigzag pattern on the delivery belt that is positioned at 90 degrees to the machine axis. By developing these technologies AUTEFA Solutions has set high standards for crosslappers. The amount of innovations is reflected by numerous patents. AUTEFA Solutions has constantly followed the path of continuous development of crosslapper technology through innovative ideas and solutions developed in cooperation with market leading manufacturers of system components.

In addition to the requested performance, AUTEFA Solutions crosslappers offer to the customer high operational safety with low maintenance requirements and therefore a high installation utilization ratio of this high quality product.

Crosslapper Topliner- Series

Crosslapper must take up the carded web coming from the carding machine with constant speed and gently lay it down crosswise on a delivery belt. The short web path in the layering system is of considerable importance. When running high lapping speeds, additional system components, such as internal web accumulators in the crosslapper, ensure a weight-neutral and straight-edged carded web deposit in the reversal point of the layering carriage. In connection with the crosslappers of the Topliner-series WebMax ensures a maximum of weight accuracy in the final product.

Web Profile Control WebMax

Weight accuracy in the bonded lapped web is the most requested quality feature for a modern nonwoven installation.

For bonding of lapped web of any type, drafts and speed accelerations in the lapped web are necessary. Even with draft free bonding systems, the lapped web is often being drafted in order to reach the desired bonding ration (MD/CD) for the requested nominal weight in the final product. These drafts, however, cause a reduction in product width, the so-called material shrinkage. It is larger in the edge areas than in the center area and therefore causes an unevenness of the cross-section and the familiar heavy edges (smile profile).

With WebMax AUTEFA Solutions is presenting a system, which - together with the crosslapper of the Topliner-series - produces a counter weight profile to the smile profile on the layering belt of the crosslapper during carded web production.