Carding Technology

The combination of flexibility, high line speed and process efficiency is mandatory for state-of-the-art carding technology. Autefa offers fully integrated turnkey lines including all components from fiber opening to web drafting. All process steps and corresponding machines are fully integrated into the AUTEFA Solutions control system.

All cards are equipped with a controlled air flow using a vacuum system in order to minimise the flow of fibers. Easy access to all components of the card is provided by the “Monoblock” design of the machine frame allowing a quick and easy opening of the card. On the basis of the FOR technology, AUTEFA Solutions offers the following two types of carding machines:

Web Master FUTURA

The Web Master FUTURA Card combines the proven quality of the successful Web Master cards with developments focussing on economic aspects.



Webmaster Card

The Webmaster was the first nonwoven card with Double Intermediate Doffer. Since 1987 several hundred cards have been sold and are successfully running around world. The Webmaster Card with Double Intermediate Doffer distinguishes itself through best quality of the web, high production, gentle fiber treatment as well as high carding and blending effect.

Injection Card

The Injection Card uses the aerodynamic principle for gentle fiber treatment.
The traditional mechanical principle using workers and strippers has been replaced by an aerodynamic principle. The fibers are taken off the worker rollers by an aerodynamic effect generated by specifically shaped devices. This avoids considerable mechanical stress on the fibers which usually applies to traditional carding systems with stripper rollers.