From recycled carbon fibers to carbon fiber-nonwovens

20 000 tons of waste per year accumulate during the production of carbon fiber-reinforced components. Added to this quantity are carbon fibers from components, which have reached their lifetime and should be recycled in a reasonable way. These fibers are no waste but a high-quality (valuable) material. AUTEFA offers solutions and shows how carbon fibers can be industrially used again being recycled to nonwovens. 

For web forming the following machines are available :

  • Aerodynamic Webforming Machine Airlay K 12: delivers a voluminous nonwoven with isotropic fiber orientation and good fiber separation at the same time.
  • AUTEFA Solutions Carbon Card: enables a very good fiber separation with unidirectional orientation.
  • The card for processing carbon fibers can additionally be combined with Crosslapper Topliner, in order to influence the fiber orientation, the surface weight and the width of the nonwoven.

For fiber bonding the following machines are available:

  • Needle Loom Stylus: enables mechanical web bonding and offers the possibility to process 100% carbon fibers.
  • Thermobonding Oven HiPerTherm: By adding a thermoplastic fiber multifunctional nonwovens are manufactured by thermal bonding.