Automatic Needle Exchanger 2.0

The Automatic Needle Exchanger of AUTEFA Solutions is an efficient and economic unit for needle board maintenance which greatly improves the efficiency of our customer’s needle board workshop. The machine is equipped with an adapted software system, so that needle exchange is reproducible, easy and safe.

The Automatic Needle Exchanger represents an entirely new approach to needle board maintenance. Every single needle can be accessed individually, so there are no limits with regard to needle densities and patterns. The system is permitting even the application of different needle configurations within one board or board segment.

By combining the Automatic Needle Exchanger’s database with the operating records of the needle loom, each single needle can be monitored during its lifetime. The resulting Needle Lifetime Management system can be used to determine the optimal moment of replacement for the needles, in consequence leading to lower needle costs.

Special Features:

  • Fully automatic process of needle exchange
  • Universal application for all needle boards and needles
  • Exchange of even single needles and needle segments
  • Now and in the future each needle pattern can be exchanged, there is no restriction on certain needle patterns
  • Exchange of different needle designs, needle types and needle densities even in one board
  • Automatic positioning of the needles in the optimum working direction
  • Gentle treatment of the needle boards – when worn or broken needles are exchanged the needle board will not be damaged
  • The system is capable of detecting and exchanging damaged and broken needles as well as needle boards with accumulation of fiber dust