Tow Plaiters and Balers

Various technological requirements lead to the automation of tow installations being a very demanding task.

An automation of the entire process from the tow plaiter to the bale transport is possible due to the AUTEFA Solutions modular design.

According to the specific requirements AUTEFA Solutions provides specialized equipment for:

  • Converter-Tow
  • Compact-Tow
  • Acetat-Tow (cigarette tow)
  • PAC- Pre-Curser Tow for the carbonising process

Besides the specific characteristics of each product the single components have several common features:

  • Tow plaiter: The tow is plaited in moveable containers. The plaiting procedure can be controlled on all three axes individually. Additionally the tow quantity can be programmed during the plaiting motion by means of the patented control system "Profiling". The plaiting quality is additionally optimized by automatically keeping the distance between the plaiting funnel and the tow surface constant. Thus the often high demands regarding precise tow plating are completely satisfied.
  • Container transport: The full container is transported into the press by the container transport system after the automatic container exchange full-empty.
  • Connection to an automatic bale press system
  • Connection to an automatic bale transport system

The Autefa Solutions Tow Plaiters and Balers have the following advantages:

  • Three roller design
  • No slipping, exact length setting
  • Exact plaiting result - flat surface
  • All 3 axes are motor driven and controlled by PLC

Materials which can be handled by the machine

  • PET
  • AC
  • PAC