Baling Presses

AUTEFA Solutions relies on approximately 70 years of experience in building vertical fiber presses. The product portfolio in this business field includes:

Lift-Box Compact (LBC)

This standard baler design is conceived for continuous bale production, suitable for man-made as well as natural staple fiber.

The Lift- Box Compact is the successor of the Lift- Box Baler type LB and the most successful baler in the word market during the last 15 years. More than 3000 balers of the Autefa Solutions double box system have been sold worldwide.

The modular baling system is available with several pressing forces: 1.500 kN, 2.000 kN, 2.500 kN, 3.000 kN, 4.000 kN, 5.000 kN and 6.000 kN.

Nonstop-Ultra (NSTP-Ultra) 1500 - 4000

The new AUTEFA Solutions Nonstop-Ultra baler is conceived for continuous bale production and is suitable for man-made staple fiber.

This single box baler is equipped with a press box at the pre-press side, which forms the bale with a pre-pressure of 80 tons. The final pressing at the main press is realised without box upto a maximum pressure of 4.000 kN.

Due to the new concept AUTEFA Solutions is now able to handle 32 bales/h in manual handling and more than 45 bales/h with the fully automatic Wrapping Machine AD-WRAP.

Uni-Fork 1500 - 4000

The AUTEFA Solutions Uni-Fork is a system which combines the Nonstop Ultra baler solutions and can be used in different fiber industries.

Several feeding stations are supplying a central baling area with integrated main presses. The transfer bale fork transports the fibers. A bale fork is later handling the bale transfer between the pre-presses and the main press.